Your Honor | The new series of Bryan Cranston, star of Braking Bad | Spoiler

Your Honor is a new Showtime original series created by Peter Moffat and starring Bryan Cranston. The first episode premiered on December 5, and the series is already causing a sensation among viewers.

The new Showtime production is a crime drama thriller that will have a total of 10 episodes. In Spoiler we tell you when it will be released in Latin America and how you can see it.

Your Honor stars Bryan Cranston, who He is primarily known for playing Heisenberg on the acclaimed series Breaking Bad. The cast also includes other figures such as Hunter Doohan (Truth Be Told), Michael Stuhlbarg (Call Me By Yourn Name), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (KKKlan Infiltrator) and Hope Davis (Love Life).

In this new series, Cranston puts himself in the shoes of a respected judge who must test his own convictions when his son is involved in a car accident that cost the life of a member of the most ruthless crime family in the city. How far will a father be willing to go for the love of his son?

The series is an adaptation of the Israeli show Kvodo, released in 2017. Your Honor is a Showtime original production and airs an episode weekly on the station. In addition, it will arrive on the new Paramount Plus streaming platform in 2021.

How and when to see Your Honor in Latin America?

The new series starring Bryan Cranston will be available in Latin America from next Monday, December 21 on the Movistar Plus streaming service.

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