With ‘La caja’ Mexico goes for the Golden Lion of Venice

Mexico City.- Perhaps the movies that the Mexican billboard has this week are not totally to your liking, what do you think if you organize a night of “movie at home” with some title of movies to watch as a family, not necessarily a premiere.

Prepare the popcorn, here is a list of Seven movies to watch as a family, which reinforce values ​​and you will surely love them and you will be able to chat at the end about their teachings.

Emma (2019)

It is the story of Emma, ​​an eight-year-old girl who, after being unconscious after receiving a blow to the head, tells her mother that God sent her the mission to become a saint. Faced with the disbelief of her parents and the mockery of her schoolmates, Emma decides to commit to her task and looks for a manual or a book that will help her find the answers to her concerns.

In her process Emma meets Andrés, the new boy in the room who is rebellious and denies religion. Emma assumes that her mission is to make Andrés believe in God and tries to get closer to him through a common passion: soccer and his love for the Monarcas team.

As they consolidate their friendship, Emma realizes that perhaps Andrés’ little faith is due to a family loss. This relationship seems to nurture them both, as Emma becomes more and more involved with sport and Andrés shows very positive changes in his behavior.

In this Mexican tape, Julio Bárcenas debuts as a filmmaker, after a long list of TV series productions, such as I’m your fan.

The director explores childhood in Emma based on innocence and optimism, which opens a dialogue with a sector of the public that is often despised: girls and boys.

The film was invited to various film festivals and in Calcutta it won the award for Best Family and Children’s Film. Produced in 2019 it did not have the opportunity to reach theaters due to the pandemic.

Emma is an incredible opportunity to reconnect with important values ​​such as faith, friendship, reconciliation, listening and tolerance.

And the best thing, it is a premiere and you can download it digitally, watch it in streaming, thanks to the distribution of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Available for rent at Cinépolis Klic, Izzi, Total Play and Megacable.

Big Little (Little Boy) (2015)

It is an endearing story of faith Love and Hope, which focuses on the life of an eight-year-old boy, Pepper Flynt Busbee, and what he is capable of to bring his father back from war after he was sent to the battlefield during World War II.

Set in the 1940s in the United States, the film is an American super production, made by Mexican talent and with a cast of international stars, such as Emily Watson and Kevin James.

It was produced by Eduardo Verástegui, directed by Alejandro Monteverde, and written by himself and Pepe Portillo. In 2015 it was released and had a great success at the box office.

The Big Little it is an excellent choice of movies to watch as a family

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Maybe it’s forever (Love, Rosie)

It is much more than a romantic comedy, it has many positive teachings.

When Rosie would leave for Boston with Alex she is surprised by an unplanned pregnancy, finally the girl decides to receive Katie and becomes a very young new mother, with the challenges that this brings. Rosie and Alex have several disagreements throughout the story, but when the audience lost hope, they surprise us.

The film is a constant lesson and shows us that nothing is coincidence, what happened must happen, and destiny places us where we should be. Do we have just one shot when it comes to true love?

With Lily Collins and Sam Clafin.

Available in Claro Video

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My neighbor totoro (1988)

Sick of Disney animation? If you do not know Hayao Miyazaki, this is the best option to enter the world of anime from the Japanese studio Ghibli. It is a film from 1988 but it continues to enchant children and adults.

Totoro is a Japanese goblin, who comforts two little girls, Satsuki and Mei, who move with their father to a cabin in the woods when their mother becomes seriously ill and is hospitalized. Upon reaching their new home they discover the dust rabbits and Totoro “the King of the Forest”, they are creatures that only people of pure heart can see.

One day, the youngest Mei gets lost in the forest and Totoro will help Satsuki to return safely.

My neighbor totoro was chosen as the best animated film in history by the British magazine Time Out.

Available on Netflix

Always at your side Hachiko) (2009)

This tape should be on all movie lists to watch as a family, especially if there is a dog on yours. Based on the true story of the dog Hachiko, who faithfully waited for his master for nine years at a train station in Tokyo, not knowing that he would not arrive.

Richard Gere He plays a university music professor who uses the train every day, at the station he picks up an abandoned puppy of the Japanese Akita breed and they become close friends. Every day the faithful Hachi he waits for the professor to return outside the station, until his death, nine years after his human friend.

You find it like “Always by your side”With Richard Gere. There is also the Japanese movie Hachiko, but it is more difficult to find.

Available on Amazon Prime Video

The Little Prince (2014)

An ingenious way to tell this classic of literature directed by Mark Osborne

The strict life of a girl changes completely when she befriends an eccentric pilot, who recounts the adventures of the curious boy who lives on an asteroid.

Available on Netflix

Finally, among the movies to watch as a family you should not miss Wonder.

Little Auggie was always home schooled, but now it’s time to attend mainstream school, where he will try to find friends, while enduring bullying for his different facial features.

Directed by Stephen Chbosky, with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson.

Available on Netflix


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