will play the teacher Tronchatoro in Matilda

25 years after Matilda, the film directed by and starring Danny DeVito (with little Mara Wilson as the girl with superpowers) Netflix is ​​preparing a remake. The production goal already makes the fans delirious. And the news of the new cast, too.

The adapted story (a musical based on Roald Dahl’s original novel) will have Matthew Warchus as director, Dennis Kelly as screenwriter, and Tom Minchin as composer.

The announcement related to the actress Emma Thompson surprised: the Londoner of 61 years will be the evil teacher Tronchatoro.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film already has its powerful antagonist. Let’s remember that Pam Ferris was Trunchbull (the original name of Tronchatoro) in the mythical film. And Emma will have to deal with the memory of that powerful creature.

Emma Thompson will play the role of Pam Ferris (the teacher Tronchatoro) in the remake of “Matilda”.

Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel and the first woman to carry the range 007, as we will see in No time to die) would play the “good” lady from the story.

And Matilda? In principle it is spoken of Alisha Weir, a girl with little screen experience beyond the series Darklands.

Thompson will not have an easy task since the evil character had great questions. The story was harshly criticized over the years, for making the emotional abuse of a group of children visible in such a cruel way. Tronchatoro, always angry and unsympathetic, could force gluttonous little Bruce Bolaños to devour a huge chocolate cake, pull sweet Amanda Tripp by her braids, lock the naughty little ones in a “dungeon” and more.

Emma is in tune with evil these days. His next film (premiere announced for May) will be Cruella, although her character will not be that of Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone will play it) and if that of Baroness.

Actress Pam Ferris Today (Capture TV)

Actress Pam Ferris Today (Capture TV)

What happened to the life of the woman who played Tronchatoro in the 1996 film? The last time she was seen in the cinema was in 2019, in Tolkien, a romantic drama directed by Dome Karukoski. Her present, calm, has her as a voracious reader: “I consume books as I used to consume cigarettes. Sometimes I read five at the same time ”, he told The Guardian.

She had been working as an actress since the seventies, but her face went around the world in 1996, with that unforgettable film. Born on May 11, 1948 in Hannover, Germany, Pamela (her real name) has been married to Roger Frost since August 1986. They met in 1983 when they were both working at the Royal Court Theater in London. “I was obsessed with my job and that’s why I didn’t get married until I was 38 and the reason I didn’t have children. However, not having children is not a sadness in my life. I know it wouldn’t have been a bad one. mother, but there is no regret, “he said, as quoted by the site IMDB.

“I have long rejected roles that I would call ‘mother role’. In the plot the hero character goes home to tell his mother what is happening, and she gets the news and just says ‘oh that’s interesting’ . There is a great lack of decent roles for women my age, so I prefer to work in my garden “he admitted.

Pam Ferris in a scene from "Matilda".

Pam Ferris in a scene from “Matilda.”

Pam has a firm stance on Tronchatoro’s cruelty and the limit they want to put on him now that the world has changed and certain issues are being questioned more. “The problem with children’s stories today is that they just aren’t scary enough. I think learning about the harder side of life through storytelling is an important part of childhood. Today we clean up fairy tales. . We do not scare. Pain is one of those things that you really have to go through. You don’t have a choice, and that’s a great message for kids. “

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