Which character dies in season 4?

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      In the Netflix series Stranger Things they take death very seriously. That’s why Sheriff Hopper (David Harbor) is alive, at least for the moment. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), for example, had to have died in season 1. Because you knew Eleven sacrificed herself in the original final episode of season 1 of the series, right? And you know he did it because the Duffer brothers hadn’t realized yet that he was the central character of the series, right? (Be careful, he is not the only key character, who is also Will Byers. You know the theory: Will is solely responsible for everything that happens in the Upside Down World.) As the first season of the series had conceived, the Duffer brothers, Eleven did not survive the confrontation with the Demogorgon in Mr. Clarke’s class at Hawkins Middle School under those fluorescent lights that would give him a Tom Ford myocardial infarction. As they were filming the scenes of the first episode, the Duffer brothers realized that the series would not work if Eleven died. The problem was that the Duffer brothers when they wrote the series did not expect it to go beyond season 1, so that sacrifice made sense on paper: it closed the story in a tragic and, in its universe, epic way. But they realized while filming that the series had much more potential.

      In the prologue of the Official Stranger Things Guide, the Duffer brothers explain that both Eleven and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) died at the end of season 1. “As soon as we realized that the series could last more than one season, we knew that the story would not work without Eleven”, they explain. Keery, the Duffer brothers say, was saved by the popularity of his character as they recorded the series more than his initial weight in the plot (another thing is the development he has had after). And it is funny because Steve’s character is one of the main candidates for fans now to die in season 4, although he is not the first on the list. The biggest argument in Steve’s defense is that the series has already played the trick of his ‘salvation’ to load it up in the new season and have an impact. The truth is that if you think about it, it is a good argument. For which there is no argument of salvation that is worth is for the candidate number 1 to leave Stranger Things: Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton).

      Can you imagine that by some chance it was Nancy Wheeler who had to kill Jonathan (suppose a Jonathan possessed by the Upside Down World) in season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’?


      Jonathan, fans say, is perfect. “It would be the ultimate dramatic death. His perpetual role as ‘big brother’ makes him the perfect candidate to die saving Will, in particular, and the rest of the gang, in general. He has a great sense of responsibility,” he says a fan in the last debate that has been opened (there will be more from here until season 4 of Stranger Things) on Reddit about the dead of season 4, summing up all the arguments in favor of their disappearance.

      This is not to say that Jonathan has no defenders (no need for them to be character groupies). “Both Nancy and Jonathan are used to pushing the plot quite significantly, and neither would be that effective on its own from a storytelling point of view. Of the two, I’d lean more towards Jonathan being more expendable. .. but that would also result in Joyce losing two children, which would be a bit cruel, “pointed out another fan of the series.

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