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9.00 / Apple TV+

New adventures with ‘Ted Lasso’

Ted Lasso, a high school football coach, is signed by a British Premier League football team. He has no idea of ​​the rules or the language of that sport, but he will try to trace the results of the team full of optimism and good intentions. In this second season of Ted Lasso, the Richmond team is not having a very good time. After falling to second, they have been drawing for eight straight games and it seems that the players are not raising their heads. So this season the club will add a psychologist to the squad. But that’s not all because in addition Led Tasso, Ted’s alter ego, will make his appearance.

9.00 / Netflix

Second season of ‘Red Sky’

Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato are the creators of this series, Sky red, which tells the story of three prostitutes, one Spanish, one Argentine and the other Cuban, who after fleeing from their pimp and leaving him seriously injured, begin a flight to life or death escaping from the hitmen of the man who had them kidnapped. Now, Coral, Wendy and Gina will return closer than ever. The roles will change and now the hunters will become prey: the girls seek revenge at all costs. Romeo, Moisés and Christian continue to try to catch them, but unlike them, they begin to have differences and their loyalty begins to suffer.

13.00 / La 1 and Eurosport

Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium will host the opening of the 2020 Olympic Games. Canoeist Saúl Craviotto and swimmer Mireia Belmonte will be the standard bearers for the Spanish delegation in the parade. In addition, Spain, 321 athletes will attend, the fourth largest team in national sport history. and Borja Inza. Before the ceremony, La 1 will offer (12.00) a preview in which eleven of the athletes who have experienced these exciting galas will participate in the first person. In addition, he will connect with Carolina Marín, the badminton champion who cannot attend Tokyo due to injury.

15.00 / Movistar Drama

‘The Mauritanian’

Reino Unido, 2021 (129 minutos). Director: Kevin Macdonald. Intérpretes: Tahar Rahim, Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Intense and precise judicial drama, based on real events, about the struggle to achieve justice for Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who, arrested and imprisoned without charge for the 9/11 attacks, spent years in Guantánamo prison without being subjected to any trial. A brave X-ray of the injustice that rises above Kevin Macdonald’s measured direction and the credible interpretations of his careful cast (Golden Globe for supporting actress for Jodie Foster). A story based on the best seller Guantanamo Journal, which shows not only the interrogations to which he was subjected and the conditions in which he lived in the high security prison of the popular US naval base, but also his life before the arrest.

15.30 / COSMO

‘Good Morning, Vietnam’

United States, 1987 (116 minutes). Director: Barry Levinson. Performers: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, Tung Thanh Tran.

The bittersweet adventures of a radio host in Vietnam helped Barry Levinson (Rain man) to mount a bittersweet comedy well starring Robin Williams. The film, which was presented at the Venice Film Festival, was well received at the US box office, despite the criticism made in it of the racism of the American people and the manipulation and censorship of the Armed Forces radio, which he devoted himself to systematically concealing information about the war.

17.35 / COSMO

‘Dead poets society’

Dead Poets Society. United States, 1989 (123 minutes). Director: Peter Weir. Cast: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard.

Although the story is quite trite – a new teacher with educational methods that are out of the ordinary – it does not lose an iota of charm due to the air of classicism that Peter Weir (The Truman Show) gave history. To this must be added the great work of Robin Williams giving life to the distinguished teacher. It has a few doses of drama to spare, but the result is more than interesting.

18.32 / Movistar Comedy

‘Rogues at full speed’

The blues brothers. United States, 1980 (128 minutes). Director: John Landis. Performers: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Kathleen Foreman, James Brown.S

undoubtedly one of the most praised comedies of the eighties. Two somewhat mobster brothers try to help the orphanage where they grew up, but the nun who runs it does not accept their dirty money. From here, they will try to achieve it in an honest way, putting their blues group back on track. One of the best works by John Landis, writer of the script with Dan Aykroyd, with a really delicious lead couple and a luxurious soundtrack.

19.54 / TCM

‘Thelma y Louise’

Thelma and Louise. United States, 1991 (124 minutes). Director: Ridley Scott. Performers: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel.

The reputed Ridley Scott (Blade runner Y Gladiator) achieved enormous critical and public success with this extremely interesting road movie, which narrates the adventure of two women tired of their routine lives. Dynamic protagonists (Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis), excellent photography and a script full of possibilities for a film that won seven Oscar nominations and won the prized statuette for best screenplay.

20.30 / The 2

‘Film days’ remembers Pilar Bardem

Last weekend Pilar Bardem passed away, belonging to a family saga in the world of cinema, and one of the great defenders and fighters for actors and actresses, the well-known and the lesser-known. Winner of a Goya for best supporting actress for her performance in No one will talk about us when we are dead, debuted in the cinema in the movie The world goes onby Fernando Fernán Gómez. Movie days he will remember her and will have the actress Anna Castillo as godmother. In addition, it will review the most outstanding premieres of the billboard: Space Jam: New Legends or the Spanish, Of the, by Mar Targarona and Cover, of Secun de la Rosa.

22.00 / Movistar Cine Doc&Roll

‘The Gentlemen: The Lords of the Mafia’

The Gentlemen. Reino Unido, 2019 (113 minutos). Director: Guy Ritchie. Intérpretes: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell.

Intrigue, action and a lot of comedy are mixed with solvency in this funny story in which the director’s stamp is distinguished from titles such as Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds, Guy Ritchie: fast-paced action and black humor. All at the service of an efficient cast headed by Matthew McConaughey, perfectly supported by names such as harlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant. A very entertaining story of ambitious achievers who want to get the most of the pie.

22.00 Movistar Fest

Amy Winehouse, the latest pop diva

Amy f Winehouse was one of those unique talents that emerges in every generation and an artist in the purest sense. He wrote and sang from the heart, using his musical gifts to analyze his own problems. The combination of her raw honesty and her incredible talent led her to win six Grammys and to compose some of the most original and acclaimed songs of the 21st century. Winner of the Oscar and BAFTA 2016 for the best documentary and the award for the best European documentary at the 2015 European Film Awards, Amy (The girl behind the name) tells the tragic life of the last great pop diva, Amy Winehouse, in her own words. Through intimate images and previously unreleased songs, this surprisingly modern, agile and vital film shows how harsh the world we live in is in a way that very few movies have managed to convey.

22.05 / The 2

‘Far heels’

Spain, 1991 (109 minutes). Director: Pedro Almodóvar. Interpreters: Victoria Abril, Marisa Paredes, Miguel Bosé.

After getting international respect with Women at the edge of a nervous attack O Tie me up, Almodóvar lowered the bar with this bland melodrama that, unfortunately, started from a script without too many possibilities. Some partial successes and the everlasting Almodovarian tics for a superficial story with little rhythm. The fans of the Manchego director can enjoy.

22.07 / TNT

‘Space Jam’

United States, 1996 (87 minutes). Director: Joe Pytka. Performers: Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Theresa Randle

Some aliens determined to take all the cartoon characters to their planet will have to play an original basketball game in this funny film, with which Michael Jordan made his film debut accompanied by acclaimed myths such as Bugs Bunny or the Tasmanian Devil .

22.10 / Antenna 3

‘La Voz Kids’ chooses its winner

The grand finale of The voice Kids and the two talents For the team that will participate tonight they will give everything to win the final prize and become a winner. In this last gala the Asesores (Aitana, Beret, Rozalén and Blas Cantó) will return to support the little ones at this last moment. In addition, the program will feature the participation of Pablo López and Gemeliers, Aysha, Melani and Aray, who began their careers in the program. This outcome will be divided into two parts. At the beginning, the finalist talents have a joint opening performance, one with their team advisor and one individually. It will be at that moment when the coach makes the decision of who should be the contestant who goes to the final phase of the program. In the second part of the program, the four talents finalists will sing along with their respective coach. The final decision will be in the hands of the public, who will choose the winner of The voice Kids. The winner will record a single with Universal Music and wins a scholarship of 10,000 euros to complete his musical training.

23.45 / SyFy

‘The imaginary of Doctor Parnassus’

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. United Kingdom, 2009 (117 minutes). Director: Terry Gilliam. Interpreters: Christopher Plummer, Heath Ledger, Tom Waits, Lily Cole.

After directing The secret of the Brothers Grimm, the always surprising Terry Gilliam featured Charles McKeown, with whom he already worked on The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, to write the script for this fantasy that was the last work of the late Heath Ledger. To replace him, three actors finished their work, representing the same character through different realities: Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell.

1.40 / Movistar Action


United States, 2004 (115 minutes). Director: Michael Mann. Cast: Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Mark Ruffalo, Jada Pinkett, Javier Bardem.

Tom Cruise, who slightly changes his physical appearance, makes his debut as an official baddie of a movie with great success in this clever thriller, shot on digital video by the ever-effective Michael Mann (Heat). A taxi driver (role played by Jamie Foxx, who that same year won the Oscar for best actor for Ray) and a hit man (Cruise) with whom he will share a dangerous adventure are the main characters (there is also the Spanish Javier Bardem in a small role) in this extremely powerful film, which won two Oscar nominations (supporting actor and montage) and the Bafta for the best photography. Emotion and action in equal parts.

1.46 / TCM

‘How green was my valley!’

How green was my valley. United States, 1941 (117 minutes). Director: John Ford. Cast: Roddy McDowall, Walter Pidgeon, Donald Crisp, Maureen O’Hara.

The vicissitudes of a Welsh mining family and the town where they live at the end of the 19th century served the great John Ford to shoot this extremely intense melodrama. A great study of customs and personalities that featured, among many other benefits, outstanding interpretive work and impeccable photography by Arthur Hiller. Essential.

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