What miracle solutions to baby’s nighttime terror?

As astonishing as it may seem, given the number of people who have responded to the debates (on Facebook every Tuesday) on the night terror ‘baby’, it seems that this type of sleep disturbance or these untimely awakenings are quite ‘common’. in children. So what are your quick fixes for limiting night terrors? What to do when these occur? Here are your methods and tips for getting out of nightmares.

What is a baby / child night terror?

Unlike nightmares, night terrors are much more impressive and the child, even if he has his eyes open, sleeps. “My daughter was like possessed, impossible to reason with her, to calm her down or even to touch her. Her eyes were open but she couldn’t see me… completely overwhelmed by anguish. “” It’s very unsettling for a parent! After the first “crises” we are better equipped to manage … “” Tough hard that time … very trying for her I think but for me too! She called me screaming as she was in my arms. Fortunately, she didn’t remember anything when she woke up. “

At what age do children have night terrors and how long does it last?

There is no age to start having night terrors, nor to stop them. “Our 3 year old son has always been doing it” “She is 14 months old and I feel like she is starting to do it” “My son did it until he was 7” “It started around 18 month. It gradually spaced out until about 5 years “But rest assured for some it is shorter:” He was 3 years old, it lasted 5 months “.

Moreover, beyond night terrors, there are many pitfalls to avoid around sleep for a serene and rested family life … If your child has trouble going to bed, or falling asleep, if the time sandman is problematic with you, I designed the pack « PACK SUPER DODO : Awake advice for sleep and bedtime ”. To receive it for free in your box, leave us your email below and give you the tips and advice for (more) serene nights

What causes night terror in a child?

“Several factors precede this state: a lot of stimulation during the day and fatigue. “” Generally in the family, we speak at night, but with him this sensitivity is associated with anxieties which causes night terrors » « She had night terrors systematically when she missed a nap or went to bed late. The use of the tablet was also a lot. “” He does it especially if in the evening he is excited or angry. “

What to do at night when the Night Terror sets in?

« For night terrors, stay close to your child, reassure him, sing calmly, say sweet words. I think that even in full stress, the child hears the reassuring voice of his parents and it ends up passing … “

“During the night terrors, I try not to wake her, especially since she is often standing in the middle of her room when it happens. And I go there very calmly to put her back to bed. Being myself subject to night terrors, it is very unsettling to realize our terrors when we are there ”
“We now know that they are terrors when this happens in the first part of the night…. The solution is quite simply to let it go, it calms down after 15/20 minutes max…. If we went to see his child, he would get angry, hit and we would have half an hour, an hour of crisis, to be agitated in all directions. “

“Do not wake up your child, I confirm, that starts the process again about two hours later …”

“It is better not to say anything but simply to lay a hand on your child. Contact helps him calm down (the warmth of the hand, the simple reassuring presence of a parent). “

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Night terror: your miracle solutions to prevent them

A miracle solution against night terror? Maybe not ! But the good news is that a large number of readers have come to grips with all kinds of techniques, potions and magic formulas that I am happy to share with you! Thank you all for your great ideas!

Prevention before bedtime

By putting baby in safety before bedtime, this can reduce the difficulty of falling asleep or unwanted awakenings: “Night light, dream catcher, patience, co-sleeping, comforters, rituals, avoid pajamas and bed linen with patterns, new decoration from the room… “

Books that help

  • “I can’t sleep”: A book that my sweetie loved to play down the night while enjoying a nice bedtime ritual and moment of complicity.

  • “Jules is afraid of the dark” by Edwige Antier and Christian Lamblin.

Tips to reassure baby and calm nocturnal phobias

  • Take the monsters out of the room is the technique of the majority. But doesn’t chasing monsters with our little ones strengthen their belief in these famous monsters? “I think hunting monsters is an accompaniment. We always told him that we didn’t see them, that it was up to him to show them to us. I believe this is a milestone and reasoning about it at this age has never worked. This is the best solution we have found. “
  • The “Super the anti-nightmare pschiit (and not anti-monster) with love powder ”(with glitter)
  • Others ask the child to “ draw your fears and throw his nightmare in the trash. It works. No more nightmare ???? “
  • It is also preferable ” to abandon the tales of the Red Riding Hood or other Disney type to read only Tchoupi or Barbapapa … “
  • “We had used” worry dolls I think it’s a South American tradition. It had worked well. “
  • « A little lavender essence. It was efficient and the room smelled like cake. “

Basic prevention

While sometimes these methods work, they are not always enough. To make it easier to fall asleep and prolong the nights, our readers tried the next level which works quite well!

“Finally it is homeopathy stramonium and passionflower that worked and especially of sleep in the same room as his little sister… Since both of them sleep like babies! “

« Orange blossom water worked miracles when the seizures were regular. ”

“I took him to a microkiné. That same evening, she regained her sleep. It is a physiotherapy technique practiced by specialists. It proceeds by micro palpation, the patient remains fully dressed and there is no manipulation strictly speaking. “

“I went to a magnetizer and she never did a night terror again. “

Considering how many years night terrors (baby / child) can last, it’s worth a try, right?


Fatigue can be the cause of these night terrors. Family predispositions also play a role, but let’s not forget that many of these terrors are also caused by anxieties (the child is more or less subject to it). This is also the reason why microkine works, medicine which consists in finding in the organism of a subject the “traces” of events not eliminated (traumatic, emotional attacks, etc.) which are at the origin of the symptoms observed.

So it also seems appropriate in these cases to try to understand what can stress, distress our child. For that, I invite you to read the article “What are the harmless but very stressful situations for our children and that we must avoid…”. And it even seems that having your child practice meditation could save you a few restless nights! See the article which explains the benefits of mediation with regard to neuroscience, you will not be disappointed! “Good luck to the parents who are going through this and luckily, it goes! “


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