What If Episode 8 Poster Reveals Return Of Ultron Vision

Disney unveils a new poster for Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 revealing the return of Ultron Vision in this week’s anthology chapter.

Disney unveils a new poster for Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 revealing the return of Ultron Vision in this week’s anthology chapter. Based on the comic line of the same name, the animated series explores alternate realities to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which one small change could affect everything from who becomes a hero to who destroys a universe. The series hails from Emmy-winning head writer A.C. Bradley and Emmy-winning director Bryan Andrews.

Storylines explored in What If…? thus far have included Peggy Carter becoming the world’s first super soldier, T’Challa being abducted by the Ravagers and becoming Guardians of the Galaxy leader Star-Lord, the Avengers succumbing to a zombie virus and Killmonger saving Tony Stark from the opening moments of Iron Man, leading him away from becoming a hero. The series has featured the returns of most of the cast from the MCU, some of whom include Michael B. Jordan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell, Samuel L. Jackson and Chadwick Boseman in his final performance as T’Challa. As season 1 nears its end, Marvel is bringing exciting teases of what’s to come for the latest episode of What If…?.

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With just two days remaining until its premiere, Marvel has unveiled the first poster for What If…? episode 8. The new key art reveals that the Ultron and Vision hybrid will be returning to the fold for the next episode of the series. Check out the exciting poster below:

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The arrival of Ultron Vision in What If…? episode 7 has been one of the most divisive twists amongst fans since the episode premiered last week. While it was seen as a devastating and surprising development for Paul Bettany’s hero to some, many were quick to point out the timeline problems in his creation. In the films, Ultron’s creation stemmed from the arrival of the Chitauri in the first Avengers film, but with episode 7 having taken place during what would have been the events of Thor, itself set six months before The Avengers and four years ahead of Ultron’s debut in Age of Ultron, there is a lot of plot holes in his arrival at this point.

That being said, the confirmation that Ultron Vision’s story will continue in What If…? episode 8 does seem to indicate that the next chapter will offer further explanation to his origins and place in the universe. It will also be interesting to see whether the hybrid appearance of the two will be voiced by Bettany, who previously appeared in the zombie-centric episode, or if James Spader will return to voice the villainous being. Only time will tell when What If…? returns with its latest episode on Wednesday.

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