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23 years after the first issuance of Sex and the City, the series of Darren Star released on June 6, 1998, the long-awaited revival was confirmed. Ten titled episodes And Just Like That, which will issue HBO Max with the original cast, composed of Sarah Jessica Parker (56), Cynthia Nixon (55) and Kristin Davis (56) but without the presence of Kim Cattrall (64), who will not return in his role as Samantha Jones.

As his three protagonists prepare for the recordings, Parker shared an image with his two companions, who play Miranda and Charlotte and wrote: “Together again. Reading the chapters of our first episodes.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s posting, which garnered almost 1.5 million likes, generated controversy and quickly became a trend on social media. While many congratulated the actresses on the return and celebrated the early filming of the new season of the series based on the columns of Candace Bushnell in the New York Observer, many others pointed to the changed physiognomy of Kristin Davis.

Cynthia Nixon (55), Sarah Jessica Parker (56) and Kristin Davis (56), ready to shoot the reboot of the iconic series.

“What was done ?!” and “Why be deformed like this” were some of the messages that were replicated on Twitter, emphasizing the supposed tweaks to which the actress who personifies Charlotte York.

It is not news that both she and Nixon underwent operations. Already in 2008, both had decided to enter the operating room together at the prestigious Roosevelt Hospital on 10th Avenue in New York. At that time, according to Page Six, Cynthia had her breasts augmented and Kristin removed varicose veins on her legs.

Kristin Davis and her marked aesthetic change.

What is known about the long-awaited return of the series that marked a whole generation with the lives of four fashionista girls in search of adventure and love? Last December the possibility of a reboot was already rumored, which was confirmed in January with the advance of its protagonists.

Some of the significant changes in the return are marked by the absence of Patricia Field, the iconic stylist of the series, who is currently working on the second season of Emily in Paris, starring Lily Collins.

As Mr Big, Aidan Shaw and Steve Brady return to the set, it was confirmed that Sara ramirez from Grey’s Anatomy, will play a new character, baptized What Diaz. It is a non-binary comedian who hosts a podcast featuring Carrie Bradshaw.

SATC, created by Darren Star (Younger, Emily in Paris), originally aired on HBO between 1998 and 2004. The saga was followed by two films, one in 2008 and a sequel in 2010.

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