we need clarity on the Green Pass and new aid for the sector

After only 20 days from its launch, the digital Green Pass, which was supposed to facilitate circulation on the European continent, designed to give uniqueness and homogeneity of rules and directives on the movement and behavior of EU citizens, is transforming itself from an effective tool to a bankruptcy operation. This is what Astoi denounces, underlining how in many countries of the Schengen area non-univocal protocols are adopted, different from each other, generating uncertainty among travelers. The Farnesina’s alert to assess the risks of travel abroad, following the increase in cases of infections from Covid variants in some countries, has also called everything into question.

Confusion and information schizophrenia are enemies of demand, Astoi continues, they generate alarmism and chaos. It is therefore natural to see decreasing bookings and cancellations in recent weeks. The trend is greater in Spain, but the climate of psychological terrorism is also affecting Greece and especially Italy, with a serious impact on national tourism.

However, the important vaccination campaign launched is bearing fruit: why then, asks the association of tour operators, not to exceed only the nominal count of Covid cases, which are mostly common among the younger population that does not develop severe symptoms, and refer only to hospitalizations, which continue to be extremely contents? The goal of the vaccination campaign in Italy and Europe was precisely to immediately protect the most fragile people and make the virus less harmful and lethal: it makes no sense to block all activities in the name of variants.

Up until now, they have complied with government regulations, suspending their plans for non-Schengen destinations that represent the heart of their business. With this ongoing blockade, the tightening of the rules in Europe and the arrival of cancellations the sector, however, is collapsing and the prospects for the next few months can only be extremely worrying. Furthermore, the operators, due to very serious and unacceptable delays, have not yet received all the approved support against the losses incurred in the first months of 2020; a condition that is putting the system even more in crisis. Furthermore, nothing has been allocated for the second part of 2020 and for 2021, a year that will prove even more tragic than the previous one with very heavy repercussions on companies and employment.

“We must reverse the course. Otherwise we will periodically find ourselves blocking every activity in the name of the Covid variant of the moment – comments the president Astoi, Pier Ezhaya -. Border and flow rules need to be clear and simple: both those in Europe, which can only be homogeneous, and those for the opening of safe corridors towards countries that have implemented very intense vaccination protocols. The perceived sentiment was different compared to last year, thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaign in our country and in the world; Italians have a strong desire to travel but are disoriented and scared. We ask the government to reevaluate the overseas travel alert, issuing simple and clear rules and recommendations. Confused and contradictory rules only weaken any attempt to restart the sector with serious economic repercussions on companies, workers and on a sector already collapsing after 16 months of crisis. We expect supplementary relief measures from the institutions of the worsening of the crisis and of being able to receive aid already approved and blocked by a bureaucracy that does not honor our country. “