“We have our moods, but the positive outweighs”

By Jane Roussel

Posted today at 5:45 p.m.

That evening, around the large dining room table, tomato salad was on the menu. We are in the middle of the Beauce, in a building housed between four fields of cereals. Summer is coming to an end, the inflatable pool has turned green, the vines have scorched, the boiler has broken down for the second time this year. The return to this farmhouse which has twenty-two beds, where we live in community, will be punctuated by works. Immediately, because there is no hot water, then because there is the floor to be finished and a second bathroom to be built. Against the backdrop of a Supertramp album, the three buyers, in their early thirties and friends for ten years, tell the story of this house they live together – the number varies according to the availability of relatives. “We had taken a tour of the daily life in town. Every weekend, we tried to leave Paris, to spend time with our friends in the countryside, to have room ”, begins Jonathan, 32, an employee of a Parisian start-up. “We have a strong group of friends and we wanted a project that welcomes everyone”, continues Martin, architect, same number of years on the clock. This collective life project may seem a little anecdotal. But, by telling this adventure (and its adventures) on social networks, the trio receives a plethora of similar testimonies, some are projecting themselves, others have already taken the plunge.

On the left: the collective space in which the inhabitants of a community life project can meet in Riec-sur-Bélon (Finistère).  Right: the building comprising five apartments, under construction on September 14, 2021.

The decision of this group of friends dates from December 2019, it should have materialized in April 2020. But the first confinement decided otherwise. « While we were supposed to visit this house the last weekend of March, we found ourselves all confined at a distance from each other. We kept telling ourselves over the video aperitifs that we would be better off if we had this place of ours, which we have dreamed of for a long time. “ On June 15, 2020, they sign the sales agreement; on September 15, they move in. A smile crosses Martin’s face: « pFor the second confinement, it was good, we had it. » Between the two, there was the creation of a non-family SCI (civil real estate company), the battle with the banks to obtain a loan for three, the surprises of an old building and major works that are far from be finished. The household evolves over the comings and goings of friends, trips for work – because everyone has kept their job and alternates face-to-face and distance. During the day, the dining room receives a unique menu where everyone gets involved. At the stroke of 2 p.m., the swarm of computers and its wave of clicking keyboards resumed their place on the common table. Between two calls, we stop to paint, break a wall, pull up a dead tree.

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