Veronica Leoni, a gentle touch for Moncler

For profiles like his, communication strategists generally use the same formula: “The creator is less powerful than the brand. “ Understand ? Her notoriety, including in the fashion scene, is as limited as the audience for the label she works for – in this case, Moncler – is global. “I consider myself a passionate and honest designer”, advances Veronica Leoni, whose choice of this last adjective tells about her both her modesty and her desire to offer a fashion that resembles her, without sleeve effects.

Since, in 2018, the CEO of Moncler, Remo Ruffini, gave to this house, founded in 1952 near Grenoble and specializing in down jackets, a kaleidoscopic organization under the Genius label, the designers who took the light were mostly “Guests”. So succeeded the British Jonathan Anderson, Craig Green and Simone Rocha, the Italian Pierpaolo Piccioli from Valentino, the Americans Matthew Williams and Rick Owens, the Japanese Hiroshi Fujiwara… Each of them came punctually to deliver his interpretation of the Moncler universe in the form of a capsule collection.

Collective and coherent collections

A turning point – unprecedented in luxury – which first required Moncler heavy investments: according to analysts, more than 20 million euros of expenses incurred in marketing, 15 million to perfect logistics … The boost has paid off. He made the brand more visible in the media and on social networks, and solidified sales, with an encouraging establishment in China, still considered, even for the 2020s, as the eldorado of luxury.

In this great ballet of capsule collections that come and go, launches, pop-up store openings, Veronica Leoni is a landmark: her mission is to imagine the permanent Moncler line for women, called 2 Moncler. 1952 (his compatriot Sergio Zambon fulfills the same challenge for the men). “I only discover the work of other guest designers during presentation events, she assures. The rest of the time, I create in my bubble, sheltered from outside influences. “

It delivers collected and coherent collections, more and more controlled and identifiable as the seasons pass. Voluminous silhouettes with geometric accents (angular lapels, puffed sleeves, stripes), worn by women who do not often seem to be joking, like her favorite model, Mariacarla Boscono.

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