Vans offers a new digital experience with Roblox

Translated by

Clementine Martin

Published on

2 sept. 2021

Vans presented its new interactive experience to users of the online gaming platform Roblox on Wednesday and is venturing into this virtual universe for the first time.

Vans offers a new digital experience with Roblox – Vans

Entitled “Vans World”, this new experience will combine skateboarding, fashion and community spirit in a 3D space where users of the video game platform can practice their skills. ollies and their kickflips while trying and purchasing items from Vans directly in the virtual universe.

Followers of the brand will be able to define their own style and create their own board. Four Vans silhouettes can be personalized, purchased and worn in this digital world.

“Personal expression is inextricably linked with skate culture, and Vans has supported and encouraged this kind of creativity for over 50 years,” said Nick Street, global vice president of integrated marketing at Vans.

“With the Vans World experience on Roblox, we are stimulating creative expression in the digital world and blurring the lines between the virtual and the real in fashion and sport in an accessible and inclusive way. Vans is an iconic brand of world-class, committed to youth culture, and we’re thrilled to bring this authentic brand experience to the millions of Vans fans wherever they are: on Roblox ”.

The Vans World universe, in which we also find the brand’s skate shoes, was created by Vans in partnership with Roblox developers, The Gang Stockholm.

“Vans wants to show its commitment to individual expression with Vans World,” adds Christina Wootton, vice president of brand partnerships at Roblox. “By using cutting edge technology and partnering with the Roblox developer community to deliver this 3D experience, Vans brings its followers together in an authentic and interactive way.”

Roblox’s virtual universe is used by millions of Internet users and allows brands to reach their fans by conquering new audiences through completely immersive solutions, while monetizing their products on the platform. In July, Roblox had already announced a partnership with Gucci, allowing players to dress their avatars in creations from the luxury house.

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