Uriage takes a greener turn with its baby range

“This is the first range that we reformulate and ‘repackage’ to carry our CSR ambitions”, explains Pauline Blanc, director of the Uriage brand, which is currently installing its new baby range in the 6,000 pharmacies in France where it is located.

The washing oil from the baby range of Uriage displays a revisited packaging and formulas

The packaging for the 1st baby care range is now in recycled plastic, and the capsules and skirts of certain tubes have been reduced, which represents 27% less plastic used. On the side of formulas, these now display 98% of ingredients of natural origin with at the heart of the composition Uriage thermal water and organic Edelweiss flower. And to embody this naturalness a little more, the groundhog, mascot of the range, is now displayed on the products, surrounded by flowers. The range is also expanding with a washing cream in a solid format, a product without plastic packaging that is part of a zero waste approach.

Uriage’s 1st baby care range represents 10% of the brand’s sales in France and between 7 to 8% worldwide. After atopy, personal hygiene and repair, it is therefore Uriage’s fourth largest market. “The baby range is very important at Uriage because it represents a key entry into the brand and it is the one that best embodies the image and values ​​of Uriage”, specifies Pauline Blanc.

The next range to be reformulated will be the one dedicated to sun protection, because by 2025 Uriage wants 90% of the active ingredients used for its products to be of natural origin or from green chemistry, a project on which the twelve are working. people who work in Uriage research and development. The packaging department, for its part, works alongside service providers to find more sustainable solutions, “but things sometimes take time,” concedes Pauline Blanc.

Due to its distribution network, pharmacies and drugstores which remained open during confinement, Uriage was relatively spared from the health crisis and experienced a rather rapid recovery in activity. Over the next three years, the brand expects growth of 10 to 12% per year. France, which remains the leading market, should experience growth of 8%, European subsidiaries 10 to 12% and Asia, led by China, from 25 to 30%. In the Middle Kingdom, e-commerce represents 70% of sales, compared to 10% in France where digital growth is a priority. Uriage achieves a turnover of 200 million euros, two-thirds of which is exported.

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