Upcoming Colin Firth Movies You Will Want To See

From a zombie comedy to his traditional British dramas, Colin Firth returns with big bets for the screen. Which one do you want to see first?

The 60-year-old actor keeps adding titles to his filmography, and we love seeing him in action! The last time we saw it on the big screen was 1917, from Sam Mendes, and although the movie scene has been slowed down by the pandemic, four titles came to light in which Colin Firth would appear, and two will be as we have rarely seen.

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New York Will Eat You Alive, a zombie adaptation for Colin Firth

In accordance with Deadline, the title of this film could change, but while more details come, it is known that Colin has already signed his participation. It will be an action comedy based on the comic Zombie Brother, from Jia Haibo.

The director will be Todd Strauss-Schulson (Isn’t It Romantic) Y Channing Tatum it will be from the co-producers – albeit without a role in the film. STXfilms Motion Picture Group President said: “We wanted to project this in a way that brings the source material to life and elevates the action, and you can’t achieve that better than with Colin Firth.”

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In the same statement they mentioned that Colin always gives a performance “of the caliber of an Oscar” and that the role he takes in New York Will Eat You Alive It will allow you to have fun while revealing humorous and comedic skills. It will tell the story of some New Yorkers who survived a zombie attack.

Supernova, a new drama for Firth

Outside of the zombie comedy, in Supernova we’ll see Colin in a more sentimental role. This film was selected in the San Sebastian Film Festival, directed by Harry Macqueen already premiered in USA November 20th.

Supernova is the story of the couple made up of Sam (Colin Firth) y Tusker (Stanley Tucci). One of them will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and both must learn to live their last days together.

Operation Mincemeat, a war drama

This is a story inspired by real events and based on the orderer from Ben Macintyre (historian and columnist in The Times); or as the English title says “the story of spies that changed the course of World War II.”

Operation Mincemeat It is directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) and Colin takes the lead. It began to be recorded in London and then in Málaga.

There are two main intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu (Firth) y Charles Cholmondeley, who will establish a disinformation strategy.

Mothering Sunday, a movie with cast of The Crown

In this British drama directed by Eva Husson and based on the work of Alice Birch, firth will be Mr. Niven Y Mrs. Niven will be Queen Elizabeth II of The Crown, Olivia Colman. It is centered on the England from 1924.

The neighbor who just got married, Paul, it will be Josh O’Connor, who plays Carlos de Gales in The Crown.

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