Ukraine Airlines changes route and policy on Kiev-Delhi

Due to the worsening political situation in Afghanistan and the growing threat to the safety of flights passing through its airspace, Ukraine International Airlines was forced to change the route of the Kyev-Delhi-Kyev flight.

Although longer, the new route will allow to avoid overflight of the Afghan territory, guaranteeing an adequate level of safety for passengers and crew.

However, the increase in flight duration has led to an increase in the cost of the flight and, consequently, to an inevitable increase in the price of the ticket.

Sold tickets have been canceled and passengers are offered two options: the reimbursement of the ticket or its unused part (in case the journey has already started). Refunds are also possible via EMD DEPO / CDET and with promocode. To obtain the promocode it is necessary to contact [email protected] or ask the passenger to fill in the online request form.

Or reissue of a ticket for new flights on the Kyiv-Delhi-Kyiv route on PS 391 / PS 392 22.08.1/23.08.21 e 29.08.21/30.08.21 with an additional payment of 38$ for one-way flight.

If the original booking class is not available you need to contact the help desk [email protected] When reissuing your ticket it is important to save all information / calculations on the original ticket and charge the additional payment of 38 USD OW (RT 76 USD) as a Q supplement. You must also update the fare, calculation line and total of consequence. In the ENDO BOX it is necessary to indicate – SCHDL CHNG d / t BAN ON FLT VIA AFGHANISTAN.