Top 12 Best Michael Fassbender Roles

We break down the 12 best roles he has played, in our opinion, Michael Fassbender, who is back in full swing due to the recent premiere of Assassin’s Creed, adaptation of the world-famous video game that many are eager to see as soon as possible.

Born in Germany but also of Irish origin, he is one of the most sought-after and valued actors of the moment despite being only 39 years old. Michael Fassbender turns almost everything he touches to gold.

In IGN Spain We have been very attentive from the beginning to everything related to the project of Assassin’s Creed. We were in Almería in the middle of filming, where we chat with Fassbender himself. Months later we went to Seville to see part of the footage and interview to the spanish actors. We have also shown you criticism of the film, in addition to a comparative report between the video game and its adaptation to the big screen.

Let’s go with it. What is your favorite Michael Fassbender role? Anyone that will mark you especially? You can freely leave, as always, your comments at the bottom.


In Shame we followed the crazy and at the same time chaotic life of a sex addict who showed risque scenes and a frontal nude shot for which many still remember the actor. Fassbender was nominated for a Golden Globe for her and it must be remembered that it was directed by Steve McQueen in what was the second film, at that time, by the director. The presence of the tender Carey Mulligan gave strength to the story as the sister of the young protagonist, named Brandon Sullivan (Fassbender). They both (Fassbender and Mulligan) were great.

Assassin’s Creed

The new film, adaptation of the namesake and famous video game, leaves us with a great Michael Fassbender as an actor (who has also taken on the complicated challenge of producing it). Here you can read the review of the film WITHOUT spoilers and of course give an opinion if you agree with it or not. Fassbender is one of the best of it in his double role as Callum Lynch and Aguilar de Nerja, in a double character.


We will finally see Fassbender again (apparently twice) in the highly anticipated Ridley Scott film: Alient Covenant but before that he appeared with his same beautiful android character in the film that will act as a prequel: Prometheus. Many expectations and a lot of fear to see what happens in this futuristic saga.

Magneto from the X-Men saga

For 99% of human moviegoers or X Men fans, there is no need to introduce or explain that Michael Fassbender has had the privilege and at the same time the challenge of being a young Magneto in several of the films of the famous mutant franchise Fox. It has, so far X Men First generation (2001), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) and X-Men: Apocalipsis (2016). He has been one of the actors who has best known how to give life on screen to his complex character and one of the most vindicable of the entire saga.

On the following pages there are still several great Michael Fassbender roles to discover.