Today is Father’s Day and some are from a movie

The father figure has been made into a movie in various ways. There are loving, hardworking, funny dads, other eccentrics, but almost all go through extraordinary situations that make them strengthen their relationship with their children.

I am Sam

Who is capable of not crying when seeing the love that Lucy and Sam have? Starring in a stunning way by Sean Penn, this Jessie Nelson drama continues to thrill for its particular theme and the way it was portrayed.

The film that launched Dakota Fanning to fame shows the relationship between a father with a mental disability and his daughter, and the struggle they have to fight to stay together, as there are those who claim that he is not capable of taking care of her.

At one point in the story, Michelle Pfeiffer intervenes in the role of the lawyer who will help father and daughter to stay together, as well as other characters that make the film one of the most endearing.

Life is Beautiful

There is definitely no happy ending in this movie, whose story takes place in the middle of World War II.

The father of this film is Guido, played by Roberto Benigni, who goes down in history as a loving father who does everything he can to protect the innocence of his son, while both remain prisoners of the Nazis in a concentration camp.

My life

Michael Keaton as Bob Jones is a dad who made and continues to make audiences sigh.

Life smiled at him and he was happy with his wife (Nicole Kidman), until the moment he was diagnosed with terminal stage cancer. As his wife is pregnant, Bob begins to record videos of his day to day to leave testimony so that his son can meet him once he dies.

Looking for happiness

Chris Gardner was doing badly, luck turned his back on him, but he never gave up. Despite all the obstacles that life put him, this character played by Will Smith did everything possible to recover and give a better life to his son. Hard work and perseverance are the elements with which Gardner achieves a change, always hand in hand with his little one.

The reborn

The main character in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film –winner of three Oscars– is Hugh Glass, a man whose sole objective is to avenge the death of his son. Based on a historical character, an explorer from the early 19th century, the film takes the viewer from shock to despair as they see everything that the man represented by Leonardo DiCaprio has to go through.

The Fockers: My Husband’s Family

There are two completely different fathers in this ‘Meet the Fockers’ sequel, but equally charming.

On the one hand we have Jack, the controlling and suspicious father of Pam (the girlfriend), and on the other there is Bernie, a liberal and relaxed man who is the father of Greg (the boyfriend).

These two sides of the coin are known when the bride’s family spends a weekend in the house of her in-laws, an adventure in which both Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman won the hearts of the public.


In this LGBT-themed movie there is a dad masterfully played by actress Felicity Huffman.

The story of a family reunion was told in a very emotional way, leaving in memory the relationship between Bree and her son. Bree is a transsexual who is saving for the last operation that will definitely turn her into a woman, however, one day she discovers that she has a son named Toby, the product of an old relationship.

As the boy is in trouble, Bree travels from Los Angeles to New York to get him out of jail and take him to where the stepfather is, but in the course of the trip everything will change for both of them.