Three apps to clean up your home

> Distribute household chores as best as possible

Women perform nearly two-thirds of the household and parenting chores (Insee, 2016). Nipto is proposing to be a game-changer – at least to try it out in a fun way. You have to list all the tasks to be carried out within the household (or its roommate), then determine the number of points they grant as well as their recurrence. Then we decide who will do what, including the children. It is also possible to set up one-off reminders. Points are earned over the course of the tasks: preparing a simple meal is 20 points, washing laundry brings 10 points, and shopping 50. Any unscheduled initiative is of course rewarded. Week after week, the app keeps the accounts: balance “In perfect balance” Where “Unbalanced”. A good way to know if we really do more than the others …

Free app, on iOS and Android. Premium version for unlimited task scheduling, and access to Nipto Skill for Alexa, 7.99 euros / team.

> Adopt a cleaning organizer

Sheep are running on the ground and fingers frolic on the mirror in the hall. How long has it been since the toilets were bricked and the bedding changed? For each of the rooms in the foyer, without forgetting the garden and the garage, Sweepy (from the English, “sweep”) offers to take things in hand. It records everything that needs to be done and at what pace, for households of up to 6 people. All you have to do is choose a room, the kitchen for example, and add the tasks, pre-recorded or to be created, that this space requires, such as washing the refrigerator, the inside of the oven, the curtains, the floor or further dust off the light fixtures. On the screen, nothing is neglected; in practice, you have to add a good dose of elbow grease, otherwise the status of the part will remain “at work!” ”(In red), without ever going to the status of“ it shines ”(in green). Sweepy even offers challenges, like this “decluttering challenge”, and its 31 tasks, to be done at your own pace: donate clothes, sort your old shoes or organize your pantry. The hunt for sheep and fingerprints is on.

App on iOS and Android. Premium version, 17.99 euros / year, including a 3-day free trial.


> Put an end to “tidy up your room”

The Pistache edutainment app encourages 6-11 year olds to take part in household chores or complete small daily missions. On the family tablet, for example, the parent creates a profile for each child and assigns them jobs and assignments from among 22 predefined ones, not counting those they can add, as well as their frequency. For each declared action carried out, such as brushing their teeth, making their bed, feeding the cat or setting the table, the child wins keys which open up a recreational space for them with mini-games and videos adapted to their age. Another carrot, that of winning, according to the collective commitment, badges: once that of “nice family” in your pocket, we can target the “family at the top” and even get that of “perfect family”. The volunteers to take down the trash could well jostle.

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