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The world of two hands

A photo montage ? An archive, maybe? Neither. On this beach, two men stand well in front of each other, less than a meter away, without a mask or a protective visor., or nothing. Plus, they really shake hands, with palms touching, no frost nearby. Can’t believe it? Hold on, there’s even more insane: this sunny photo was taken on the English coast.

Story: Before the G7 summit, the subtle demarcations of Macron vis-à-vis Biden

Contact lenses

As part of the G7 which was held from June 11 to 13 in the seaside resort of Carbis Bay, England, Emmanuel Macron therefore met for the first time Joe Biden, who, for the occasion, had not come empty-handed… In his left hand, the American president holds his usual pair of Ray-Ban Aviators adopted in 1962, at the age of 20, while working in a swimming pool in Wilmington, Delaware, and who ‘he has never given up since. Even when Trump hinted that he was wearing these glasses to hide “Cosmetic surgery operations”

The pea of ​​history

Good eye, good foot? To accompany his iconic glasses, Joe Biden had opted for a remarkable pair of socks. Less spectacular than the models Star Wars by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, but much more than those in black Scottish thread by Emmanuel Macron, this blue dotted pair allows us to remind us that English speakers call this type of pattern « polka dots ». Why ? Because they remind them of the dresses – with polka dots – traditionally worn by polka dancers.

It’s in the pocket

If the American president had taken care of the accessorization, Emmanuel Macron, him, hadn’t skimped on the costume. In addition to its pretty armhole, its jacket features a second flap pocket, smaller in size than the main pocket. What is it about ? Rarely present on ready-to-wear suits, more often on made-to-measure suits, this pocket is referred to by the term “ticket pocket”. There was a time when it was used to receive train tickets for these gentlemen. Should we deduce from this that Emmanuel Macron joined England in Eurostar? Obviously, no.

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Fine flore

On the wooden coffee table separating the two heads of state, several plants come to brighten up this meeting at the top. Poorly informed people will see vulgar succulents there. Others will know that the term is inappropriate, because these plants contain absolutely no fat, but sap. Also called “juice”, they are classified among succulents.

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