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Republican axis

How to exist between the National Rally (RN) and La République en Marche (LRM) a few days from the regional ones? On June 4, in desperation, leaders of the Republicans (LR) took out the Jacques Chirac card. In Panazol, they stormed in force to inaugurate an esplanade in the name of the former president. Ceremony, tribute to the great chef, then press conference. If this does not change the announced collapse of LR, Christian Jacob, Nicolas Florian, Guillaume Guérin and François Baroin will at least be able to say that they have not stood idly by. Well, not Baroin.


Everything, in the bodily discourse of the mayor of Troyes, Chiraquien in front of the eternal, indicates a weariness, even a slight discomfort. Let us remember that for many experts the attitude consisting in crossing the arms refers to a feeling of anxiety and to the will to protect oneself from danger, by embracing oneself. Not to be confused with the posture of crossing your legs. Which most often refers to the urge to go to the bathroom.

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Long and wide

But why does François Baroin seem so affected? It is not impossible that the bet of his colleague Guillaume Guérin has something to do with it. This presents several distinct patterns of sagging. We note first of all the excessive length of the tie. The tip of it should stop at least 5 cm higher, precisely at the level of its belt buckle. Incidentally, the tie of the LR candidate in Haute-Vienne should also be much wider, to approach the recommended width of about 8 centimeters.

Even and odd

In addition to having badly chosen and badly tied his tie, Guillaume Guérin found a way to put his glasses in his hair. However, prescription glasses must, in the rest phase, be slipped into a pocket, that of the shirt or that of the jacket. They cannot be caught either in the hair or in the shirt collar. The sautoir technique, consisting of hanging your glasses on a chain and letting them hang around your neck, is so dusty that in a political context it will only be recommended to senators.

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Miraculous perch

LCI’s sound boom extended towards Christian Jacob offers us the opportunity to end on a positive note, at least on a cultural note. Know that the expression “tend the perch” was, it seems, written for the first time by Honoré de Balzac in his novel Modest Cute, published in 1844. “Hold out to a drowning man a pole the size of a cane, he wrote, he sees it as a first-class royal road. “ A reason for hope for LR in view of the regional? It will undoubtedly take a little more to re-motivate François Baroin.