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New Hi

Did you miss him ? No ? Too bad. Seven months after his departure from Washington, Donald Trump is indeed back. Saturday evening, August 21, in the small town of Cullman (88% of the vote for Trump in the last presidential election), in the heart of Alabama, the former president gathered his supporters.

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During two hours, he launched, jumbled, attacks against Biden, promises of re-election and, finally, red caps crossed out with his new slogan. Gone, “Make America Great Again”, now you have to say “Save America”. Just that.

Fabric of contradictions

Since we are talking about headwear, let’s be precise and technical. The ones Donald Trump sends here to his supporters are ballcaps, either baseball caps with a rigid visor, embellished, on the top from Crown, with a button metal covered with fabric. These are made in Los Angeles by the company CaliFame, an exclusive producer of pro-Trump caps for a long time. Finally … especially since an investigation by New York Times revealed in 2016 that much of Trump’s merchandising, with a high patriotic content, was produced in China.

Sanction panoply

Obviously, the rest of the set was also out in Cullman. In addition to the red caps, Donald thus wore his foundation, his brushing, his shapeless black suit, his ordinary white shirt and his horrible red silk satin tie, much too long. On the subject of this, let us recall two absolute truths. The first is that a tie should always arrive at the level of the belt buckle, neither higher nor lower, as here. The second is that no one should ever wear a red silk satin tie. Even tied at the right length.

Red code

Dress-code department, Donald’s supporters obviously had their own rules. We will thus note both the over-representation in the public of red T-shirts bearing the effigy of Donald Trump and the total absence of surgical masks.

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What to conclude? In view of the extremely worrying health situation in Alabama, in a state of emergency since August 19, it is obvious: T-shirts bearing the image of Donald Trump do not protect against the transmission of Covid-19.

Cut the whistle

Let us note, by way of conclusion, that the evocation of the pandemic caused the most unusual moment of the meeting. So when Donald Trump said he had been vaccinated and called on everyone to do the same, part of the crowd booed his hero for long seconds, making the relentless demonstration that Trump supporters are even more antivax that they are not pro-Trump. Which brings us to a second evidence: we did not leave the hostel.