this is what her husband thought about his love scenes with Patrick Dempsey

After doubts were cleared last June about the future of Grey’s Anatomy, since the series of doctors confirmed that it was renewed for a new season, the eighteenth, Ellen Pompeo, the actress who plays Meredith Gray, has confessed how hard it was for her husband to see some of his love scenes with Patrick Dempsey. The protagonist of the fiction has related how at the beginning of the filming of the first seasons Chris Every, with whom he has been married since 2007, became jealous when he saw how the love story between the character of his wife and Derek Sheperd kissed and fell in love. “The poor thing had no idea what he was getting into. I remember that at the beginning it was very difficult for him. He said, ‘You go to work and you make out with him. I like Patrick and all that, he’s a nice guy, but really?‘”, the interpreter explained in InStyle. The chemistry between the two was more than evident on set until in season 11 the actor decided to end his work on the series because “a healthy environment could not be maintained” during the recordings, which had days of more than 17 hours in a row.

The real reason Patrick Dempsey left ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ellen, who confessed a few months ago how sad she felt after the departure of Chastin Chambers, has also recounted the great insecurities that appeared when the character of Patrick Dempsey passed away. “When he left in 2015 I felt like I had something to prove. He left season 11 and I could have left too because the man in the story is supposed to be gone. But while I was renegotiating the next chapters I realized that that was not the story I wanted to tellr “, explained the actress adding that many made her believe that the series would not be a success without him.”I had to take over that script and rewrite that plot to prove to myself that they were wrong“, he said in the aforementioned medium.

In addition, the interpreter has commented how over the years she has gained confidence in herself, ensuring that she criticized herself a lot when she was 20 years old and that it was not until she was 40 that she began to feel herself. “Just when you start to feel like you hit fifty and you think, ‘oh my god. Don’t leave me youth, come back!‘”, he joked, adding that when you reach a certain age, thinking changes so much that in the end some things no longer matter to you.”At 50 you no longer do anything you don’t want to do. Now I have a great privilege because I have a certain level of power, so that has allowed me to stand up and say what I think and what I feel, “he added.

The strange farewell to Alex Karev’s character in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The protagonist of American fiction has also expressed how sadly we begin to value things when they begin to disappear. Pompeo, who has remembered the first days on the set and his old co-stars like Sandra Oh or Katherine Heigl, has explained that he misses the original cast. “For the first few days, we all really had something. We had a lot of fun back then“, he has related. But also, he has assured that over the years he has developed a kind of radar to know which of his colleagues is exhausted, afraid to say something or when they are already bored and do not contribute.

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