This is how Kate Winslet suffered the harassment and ridicule of the tabloids during the success of ‘Titanic’

Kate Winslet She was just 22 years old when the whole world put all their attention on her, her talent but also her body. The colossal success of Titanic in 1997, managing to be the highest grossing film in history until the premiere of Avatar In 2009, he created the magic necessary to launch her straight to stardom after taking her first professional steps in smaller films for a while.

Through the role of Rose, Kate Winslet knew how to convince us with the maturity of a budding actress creating a natural chemistry with Leonardo Dicaprio that still beats every time we watch the movie again. Her rise happened overnight, making her one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry but also exposing her to media scrutiny due to her physique. And it is that while Leonardo Dicaprio he lived the stalking of his love life designated as the handsome on duty of the industry, Kate dealt with comments and criticism for her weight from the tabloids. Two very different sides of the coin of success.

LOS ANGELES – DECEMBER 19: The movie “Titanic”, written and directed by James Cameron. Seen here from left, Kate Winslet as Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack. Initial USA theatrical wide release December 19, 1997. Screen capture. Paramount Pictures. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

The 45-year-old actress recently looked back to recall the “cruel” treatment she received from the tabloids during those early days after Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Titanic (1997). During an interview with The Guardian, Kate discussed the criticism she faced about her weight when she was just starting out in the film industry.

In my 20s, people talked a lot about my weight. And they called me to comment on my own physique “ he told the British newspaper. “And then they labeled me as bold and outspoken when I was just defending myself. “

Winslet, who is currently experiencing one of the sweetest moments of his career thanks to the waste of talent that he captures in the HBO series, Mare of Easttown, shared being stunned after reading articles written about her during the boom era Titanic.

It was almost ridiculous how shocking, critical and cruel the tabloid journalists were to me. “, He said. “I was still figuring out who the hell I was! They were commenting on my height, estimating what I weighed, printing out the supposed diet I was doing. It was critical, horrible, and very disturbing to read. But … it also made me feel so … so moved by how different everything is now“.

The actress and mother of three explains that she did not defend herself as much as she should have done back then, but that she is now convinced that the #MeToo movement has finally changed everything. “Women now have an inherent sense of connection with each other. “

And indeed, Kate was the target of many articles focused on highlighting her curves as if the shape of her body or the kilos were worthy of criticism, or spoke of her figure as an example away from the slim perfectionism of that time. We can even remember the time that Joan Rivers commented that if Kate had lost 2 kilos, Leo could have climbed into the happy door at the end of the film.

However, such scrutiny had its consequences. It damaged my self-esteem ” relief.I didn’t want to go to Hollywood because I remember thinking ‘God, if this is what they say about me in England, what will happen when I get there?’

She adds that those criticisms led her to question the meaning of beauty. “I felt very lonely. For the simple reason that nothing really prepares you for that “ concluded. However, she stopped paying attention to the gossip after having her first daughter at age 25 and ever since. She has become a symbol of self-esteem and empowerment in the industry, always speaking her mind and not allowing the beauty canons of her industry to dictate her work.

Without going any further, Kate gave a lesson in naturalness and personality during the recordings and promotion of her latest work, Mare of Easttown, categorically refusing any type of retouching in the montage or promotional images. For example, she refused to have the director remove “her belly” from a sequence and returned the promo poster twice because it had been so touched up that her wrinkles were not showing.

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