their strange breakup three weeks after announcing their engagement

Three weeks ago the actress Amanda Bynes surprised everyone by announcing her engagement to Paul Michael, when it was unknown that she had any relationship. “This is Paul, my fiancé,” she said in a video. that she shared with her followers with her boyfriend, whom she officially presented. “I am so lucky, as you can see he is very handsome and he is also the best person in the world”, continued the one who was the protagonist of She’s the man, which culminated with this great news a tough stage in which he was recovering from his addictions. However, three weeks later Paul himself has confirmed to the magazine Intouch that they have broken, although she assures that she is still her “best friend” and that she still loves her. Amanda, meanwhile, surprised hours later by publishing a photograph with her ex? entitled “My love” (my love), leaving open multiple questions.


Rumors about a possible breakup were unleashed when The actress deleted all the publications in which her fiancé appeared from her profile, which is why the journalists of the North American magazine have asked one of the parties directly, confirming the news. Few hours later, Amanda shared the enigmatic image of both in which Paul embraces her affectionately, leaving in the air whether it is a sudden reconciliation, an attempt to resume the relationship or simply a most friendly breakup.

The career of Amanda Bynes, 33, in the cinema was cut short after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder coupled with drug addiction, which ended up taking her to a detoxification center. After this episode, a judge ruled that her parents were her legal guardians until August 2020. In the video in which she introduced her then fiancé, the actress also assured that she had been sober for more than a year, like Paul, implying that he, too, has had to recover from his addictions.


This hard recovery process has led the young woman to star in more than one controversy, such as when in 2013 she began to insult several celebrities among which are Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, Jay-Z and until marriage Obama. He apologized to all of them in the same video in which he announced his engagement. “Then I felt very ugly and it was very difficult to express myself,” she acknowledged in the recording, showing her regret.

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