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A bestselling novel as raw material, a renowned director, an ambitious producer and a cast with several Hollywood stars. What could be missing to ensure the success of a movie?

Posted in 2018 by AJ Finn (Dan Mallory), “The woman at the window”Is a novel that explores factors such as loneliness and depression in the contemporary world. Its adaptation to the small screen, by the hand of 20th Century Studios and Fox 2000, suffered some comings and goings. The final result has been available for a few days in Netflix, and has polarized critics.

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The plot of the film is as follows: Anna Fox (Amy Adams), a woman with agoraphobia disorder, sees through the window of her house a crime in the neighboring apartment. In trying to report him, her arguments seem to fall apart when her most intimate dilemma comes to light: she claims to have a family that she actually lost a year ago in an accident.

Next, we will review three fundamental keys of this audiovisual proposal that you can already see on streaming:


More than three million copies sold worldwide the novel that AJ Finn published three years ago. At the time, the story not only managed to climb the sales rankings with great ease, but also garnered rave reviews from authors such as Gillian Flynn and Stephen King.

A year after its appearance in bookstores, a New Yorker report revealed that AJ Finn (Dan Mallory) had lied by saying that he suffered brain cancer at some point in his life. But that was not all, the public profile of Dan Mallory (as is his real name) was riddled with inaccuracies.

Novel of "The woman at the window".
Novel of “The woman in the window”.

“(…) According to many people who know him, Mallory has a history of deceit and deceiving people with false stories about illness and death. Long before he wrote fiction professionally, Mallory was experimenting with gothic personal fictions, apparently designed to attract attention, advance him or explain his failures, ”says part of the report signed by Ian Parker.

While we wait for AJ Finn’s second novel, it is worth bearing in mind that we are dealing with a writer who seems to admire fiction so much that he even uses it to spice up his personal anecdotes.


Perhaps the detail that stands out the most for those who have already seen the film on Netflix is ​​its select cast. The circle of protagonists includes multi-award winners such as Julianne Moore (Jane Russell) or Gary Oldman (Alistair Russell), through the talented Amy Adams (six Oscar nominations) and relatively new faces, but on the rise, such as Wyatt Russell. (David), actor who will play the new Captain America in the Disney Plus series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” To make matters worse, Anthony Mackie, popular for his role as “Falcon” in “The Avengers,” also has a role (albeit a minor) in this fast-paced psychological thriller.

It is worth saying that there are other faces with less awards but that play a redeemable role in “The woman at the window”. Here we can see Fred Hechinger (Ethan Russell), Brian Tyreee Henry, Detective Little, and Tracy Letts, who in addition to acting as therapist for Anna Fox (Dr. Landy), wrote the script for the film.

Amy Adams en "The woman at the window".  (Source: Netflix)
Amy Adams in “The Woman at the Window.” (Source: Netflix)


The appearance of the novel by AJ Finn and its corresponding adaptation to the cinema has overturned Google searches regarding agoraphobia, a disorder that according to the Royal Spanish Academy is “the phobia of open spaces, such as squares, avenues and fields” .

In the film directed by Joe Wright, the protagonist develops this disorder some time after her husband and daughter die in a violent traffic accident. Like any problem related to the mind, strict adherence to medical treatment is required.

The feeling of guilt, loneliness and a society that often turns its back on mental patients are an explosive cocktail that allows us to fully understand each of the steps that Anna Fox (Amy Adams) takes throughout the 100 minutes it lasts. this movie.


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