The romantic words in Spanish from Melanie Griffith to Antonio Banderas with which she remembers her love story

Melanie Griffith has become nostalgic and has shared a beautiful image with Antonio Banderas along with some loving words in Spanish with which he has remembered his unforgettable love.

The love story between Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas begins in the film ‘Two Much’ by Spanish director Fernando Trueba. Banderas was married and Melanie had several very complicated relationships and two children, Alexander and Dakota from different parents.

After a separation on bad terms, Banderas began his affair with Griffith, they were married in London on May 14, 1996 and on September 24 he was born. Stella del Carmen, the only daughter of the actors in common.

Although their story seemed a little short-lived at first, they became one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. They were together for 18 years. Things went awry with Melanie’s addictions and the divorce rumors started in 2012.

It was when in 2014 Melanie Griffith did not participate in Holy Week in Malaga, as was tradition, and very important for Banderas, the rumors were confirmed and the couple announced their breakup.

“In a thoughtful and consensual way, we have decided to end our almost twenty years of marriage in a loving and friendly way, honoring and respecting others, our family and friends, and the precious time we have spent together,” they announced with a joint statement. in June 2014.

What came next, and the only thing they were clear about was that as friends, they didn’t want to miss. These statements made by Antonio confirmed it: “I think the two of us did not want to throw away 20 years of marriage after the separation. We are human, we make mistakes and that is the human condition.” “Although we are legally separated, she is still my family “, expressed the Spanish actor.

Now Melanie Griffith has shared some beautiful images of the three loves that have marked his life, one of them Banderas, whom he is very fond of. You can find the nostalgic images of Melanie in the video of the news.

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