‘The last love letter’, the book by Jojo Mojes jumps to Netflix

How hard it is to find a good romantic movie! One of those in which the footage does not matter, it does not matter how short or how long it is, how hackneyed or how new the story is; one of those in which the protagonists understand each other with their looks, the kind in which we would like to be the main or supporting actor just to tell our grandchildren that you’ve been there …

The truth is that good, good romantic movies; that are not corny or predictable and that go beyond the usual ‘happy ending’, they are almost counted on the fingers of the hands. Netflix has in its catalog some of the most classic of all time (and we hardly have hours to catch up on so much romance): ‘The last of her shoe’ or ‘My friend Amanda’, along with the mega-known hit ‘Top Gun’ they are some of the last ones that have been added to its list.

The newcomer to the romantic universe of Netflix does not seem to be one more, but one of the most interesting films of the summer. Is about ‘The last love letter’, that was originally going to be released in theaters but that the platform, seeing its many possibilities, decided acquire your international rights so that it could only be seen in streaming.

It is possible that the title sounds like a best seller and that is what it is and what it seems destined to be only with the fans of the British journalist and novelist Jojo Mojes, author of ‘The Last Love Letter’, see it. a work originally published in 2008 that was awarded the Romance Novel of the Year award. It arrived in Spanish in 2019 by the hand of Suma de Libros.

As Netflix anticipates in its official synopsis, “‘The Last Love Letter’ revolves around two interwoven stories, set in the present and the past. The main character is Ellie Haworth (Felicity Jones), an ambitious journalist who discovers a valuable handful of secret letters from 1965 and decides to unravel the mystery of the forbidden romance they contain.

As Ellie uncovers Jennifer Stirling’s story (Shailene Woodley), wife of a wealthy businessman, and Anthony O’Hare (Callum Turner), the economics journalist who covers the news related to him, unravels a love story starring Ellie herself and the lovable and formal archivist (Nabhaan Rizwan) , which helps her find more cards. “

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The film draws us the parallelism between two women who discover love in a different and passionate way but who are joined by mysterious and glamorous letters. They are women who have to make difficult decisions and who are not trapped in the past, but prey, so they cannot be completely free.


The last love letter


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In the mid-60s, Jenny (Woodley), after surviving an accident, loses her memory and does not remember anything, Nor what is she doing married to her uptight husband (Joe Alwyn), a prestigious English diplomat. So he tries to find out what was wrong with his life and why, as everyone says, he was so happy. Maybe it has something to do with some secret letters in your husband’s study …

One of those letters reaches our days, to London in 2003, where we meet the other protagonist, Ellie (Jones), a journalist who comes across the letter during an investigation. Ellie is a messy person with toxic routines that she will find in Jennifer’s story –And in the archivist who helps him (Nabhaan Rizwan) – a way of ordering His own life.

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Parisa Taghizadeh

It is the second feature film directed by Augustine Frizzell, who we saw sign an episode of ‘Euphoria’, and the original text of Mojes has been adapted by Nick Payne and Esta Spalding. Everyone focuses on approaching the film for uncontrollable passion, for everything that is epic in a love lived like this, and tiptoe through other parts of the plot that could have been delved into to give the film more substance.

However, on a summer afternoon, in a heat wave, when we are exhausted from the whole week, the result works and more if we season it with good interpretations and with a good handful of costumes and 60s glamor, which always turns out attractive. Two hours of entertainment that is, pure entertainment.


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