the four sisters and the thousand frogs

When their mother died in March 2020, Françoise, Nicole, Chantal and Jocelyne Dufour inherited 1,200 frogs. In plastic, porcelain, plush, terracotta or blown glass, this amphibian army all adorned in green would still sleep in a cardboard box if the four sisters had not decided to disperse it, in homage to their mother. From one flea market to another, they have since sold their collection of amphibians, with some success: they only had 200 individuals left, at the end of August, after the garage sale in Mayet (Sarthe), organized by the happy Rillettes association.

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Former farmer, Paulette Dufour collected tree frogs and toads like others collect camembert labels or champagne capsules. It all started about forty years ago. “An acquaintance had offered him a frog, for no particular reason. She then got caught up in the game and began to buy some on her side “, recalls Jocelyne, 63 years old. “Then everyone in the family started giving him some. It was also quite practical as a gift ”, says Chantal, 68 years old.

Invasive quadrupeds

In his house in Saint-Marc-du-Cor (Loir-et-Cher), the quadrupeds had ended up becoming invasive. “When we came to eat on Sunday, part of it had to be moved, because it was overflowing everywhere”, have not forgotten the two sisters, assigned to the liquidation of the stock of trinkets.

Astonishing stock, moreover, made of ashtrays, piggy banks, thermometers, cups, storage compartments, jewelry boxes, soap dishes, comforters, not to mention the wall decorations that croak as soon as you pass in front of them. . We have no idea what Kermit and her friends can do to decorate a shelf: skiing, hitchhiking, hiking, climbing… Hugs, too, of course.

“A lot of people buy them from us to hang them in their homes. It seems that a frog in a house brings good luck, ”slip Jocelyne and Chantal.

On the flea markets of Trôo and La Ville-aux-Clercs, in Loir-et-Cher, Montbazon, Savigné-sur-Lathan and Villiers-au-Bouin, in Indre-et-Loire, where the Dufour sisters displayed their commodity in recent months, herpetophiles – the name given to collectors of amphibians – have never been at such a party. “A lot of people also buy them from us to hang them in their homes. It seems that a frog in a house brings good luck ”, slip Jocelyne and Chantal.

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