The body in all its frolics: the navel of the world


Erotic zones, erogenous zones: once we have mentioned the “usual suspects” (penis, clitoris, vagina, testicles, anus, breasts), we often only have room for a footnote. When some take all the light, the “other” pleasures seem anecdotal. It is unfair and, above all, it is a shame. Place, this Sunday, at the navel!

Technical sheet : The navel is a scar, located right in the center of our body – in other words, right in the center of the world!

Erogenous potential: In women, the umbilicus occupies the 28e position on 41 in the ranking of the most popular erogenous zones (magazine Cortex, 2013). What about men? The 25e position.

Semantics: Take yourself for the navel of the world, think only of your navel …

Symbolic : A small hole, located in the center of the body, adorning an area most often hidden from view, does that remind you of anything? To evoke the female sex (or the anus), we would not go about it otherwise.

Historical point : In The Navel of Aphrodite (Payot, 2019), the story Christian-Georges Schwentzel evokes “The main ideas associated since Antiquity with the umbilical hollow: sexuality, sacredness and centrality. The small orifice, called omphalos in Greek, was perceived as the erotic feminine center, the seat of passion linked to the goddess of Love. (…) It’s not just the charming little hole you have in front of you. It also symbolizes, by itself, the origin of the world, eroticism and its consequences. It evokes the sexual union followed by the birth of children. “

Mythological point: It is certainly the myth of Hercules and Omphale (“navel” in Greek) which best illustrates the erotic power of this area, since, out of love for this woman of power (she is queen of Lydia), the hero finds himself in a dress, spinning wool, totally submissive to a woman! Plato’s interpretation will be quite different: in the myth of the androgyne, the navel symbolizes separation from our soul mate. It indicates the lack of the other (in love) but also the link (with the previous and following generations).

Sacred point : Widely mentioned in Judaism, the navel has greatly titillated Christianity, in which it embodies sexual reproduction – therefore original sin. Neither angels, nor Adam, nor Eve are supposed to have a navel. But of course, the iconography decided otherwise.

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