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Romance, action, science fiction, fantasy, action and thriller, all genres are covered in the movie special WarnerMood which is now available to view on demand at Flow. An unbeatable way to cope with the cold with great stories, from home.

The chosen ones, one by one

  • To start, Dear John where the story is told of a soldier who falls in love with a beautiful university student while visiting his sick father. Soon they start a relationship that will be traversed by the many dangerous missions to which they send him. Will love be stronger than distance? Based on a best seller de Nicholas Sparks and directed by Lasse Hallström (Who Loves Gilbert Grape, Chocolate), Dear John stars the talented Channing Tatum y Amanda Seyfried and all the seasonings of a classic love movie.
  • On Julie & Julia, Amy Adams y Meryl Streep they play the protagonists of this story. They are Julie Power, a New Yorker who embarks on the ambitious and fun project of preparing the 524 recipes from the cookbook of Julia Childs “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Intertwined with Julie’s story is the true story of how Julia Child conquered French cuisine with passion, audacity and lots of butter! Meryl Streep won the Golden Globe for her performance in this film directed by the great Nora Ephron.

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are the stars of Dear John.

  • Heath Ledger plays a young squire who dreams of becoming a knight in Knight’s Heart, movie of medieval adventures and romances Inspired by the popular Canterbury Tales. When his employer dies, William Thatcher will find the opportunity to pose as a knight with a cape, sword and horse of his own, with the help of his friends and some forged documents. Accompany him Rufus Sewel y Paul Bethany.
  • The future Avenger It is set in a future where it is no longer necessary to travel to travel. A factory employee decides to take a little mental vacation and hires a virtual travel company to implant memories of a nonexistent tourist trip to Mars. The avenger from the future stars Arnold Schwarzenegger y Sharon Stone, led by the great Paul Verhoeven and is based on a novel by the great Philip K. Dick.
  • Her It is an original and beautiful film of Spike Jonze which tells the story of a discouraged and introverted writer who develops a special love affair with his computer’s operating system, an intuitive and sensitive entity named Samantha. The film won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and has Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams y Scarlett Johansson in the main roles.
  • On Prisoner of space, a woman leads the mission to a jail located in outer space where they are imprisoned the 500 most dangerous criminals on Earth. Upon landing, the prisoners start a rebellion where she and her team are kidnapped. The only chance to survive is in the hands of an agent locked up by mistake who could help them escape. Lots of action and pure adrenaline in this sci-fi thriller written by Luc Besson.
  • Adam Sandler is the protagonist of The inheritance of Mr. Deeds, a romantic comedy where a journalist tries to create a scandal involving the kind heir of the fortune of a media mogul. Winona Ryder y John Turturro complete the cast of this hilarious sitcom in the best Hollywood style.
  • Sandra Bullock did an excellent job in 28 days playing an alcoholic journalist who must go into a rehabilitation center after ruining his sister’s wedding and crashing the limo they had rented. During that time, she must make a deep analysis of those events that led her to this present and evaluate the toxic relationship that you keep with your partner.
Sandra Bullock in the skin of an irretrievable?  alcoholic in 28 days.

Sandra Bullock in the skin of an irretrievable? alcoholic in 28 days.

  • Legion of angels is a fantasy action film that begins when God loses faith in humanity and orders his angels to begin the apocalypse. The archangel Michael, who still has hope, will protect a pregnant waitress so that her son preserves the future of humanity. With Paul Bethany y Dennis Quaid.
  • A very beautiful Jennifer Lopez stars The Cell, a film where a therapist suffers dire visions when she decides to enter the mind of a serial killer (Vincent D’Onofio) that he is in a coma with the intention of discovering his motives for killing. There you will find demons difficult to defeat and forget.
  • Run all night is a very entertaining action film where Liam Neeson plays a veteran mercenary hunted for his crimes. When you learn that your child is in danger, you should choose between the criminal clan to which it has always belonged and his family, which he abandoned a long time ago. But you only have one night to decide. He is joined by Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman.

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