The 10 Movies We Are Most Interested In

After the new edition of the Cannes Festival that we had a few weeks ago, the next great stop of the summer is the Venice Film Festival, which has already confirmed which films will be there.

The 2021 Cannes Film Festival is history. The great winner has been Julia Ducournau and his second film, Titanium, has won the Palme d’Or in a competitive and exciting edition. In Frustrated Cinéfilos we elaborated an article with the 10 movies that most caught our attention at the Festival.

Now, it is the turn of the Venice International Film Festival, the next big stop of the summer, from September 1 to 11; And, as he has already confirmed which films will be, we bring you a list with the 10 films that interest us the most, prepared by David S. Blanco. So, without further ado, here we go:

  • Captain Volkonogov Escaped (Aleksey Chupov, Natalya Merkulova – Rusia)

Venice Film Festival 2021

This is probably the most unknown film for the general public that we have selected. Directed by Aleksey Chupov, Natalya Merkulova, It is the great selected to represent Russian cinematography, always at the forefront.

  • Official Competition (Gaston Duprat, Mariano Cohn – Spain)

SYNOPSIS: “In search of transcendence and social prestige, a multimillionaire businessman decides to make a film that leaves his mark. To do this, he hires the best: a stellar team made up of the famous filmmaker Lola Cuevas (Penélope Cruz) and two renowned actors, owners of enormous talent, but with an even bigger ego: the Hollywood actor Félix Rivero (Antonio Banderas ) and radical theater actor Iván Torres (Oscar Martínez). They are both legends, but not exactly the best of friends. Through a series of increasingly eccentric tests established by Lola, Félix and Iván must confront not only each other, but also their own legacies ”. (FILMAFFINITY)

Although this time they are rivals of Pedro Almodóvar, the interpreters Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz return to go to festivals with a film starring both and directed by Gaston Duprat, Mariano Cohn, both Argentine, but of Spanish production.

  • Box (Lorenzo Vigas – Mexico)

Venice Film Festival 2021 (01)

SYNOPSIS: “The story of a young man on a mission to collect what he believes to be his father’s remains only to be absorbed by the most vulnerable part of the migrant industry in Mexico.” (FILMAFFINITY)

Regardless of how powerful his synopsis is, the director Lorenzo Vigas already won the Golden Lion in 2015 with the remarkable From there, which greatly awakens our desire to sink our teeth into Box.

  • Parallel Mothers (Pedro Almodóvar – Spain)

SYNOPSIS: “The film revolves around the lives of two women who give birth on the same day and who have parallel trajectories.” (FILMAFFINITY)

It doesn’t take much introduction: Pedro Almodóvar is back. The director from La Mancha returns to directing two years after releasing one of his best films, Pain and glory, which led to the Oscars and world recognition after a few years of drought.

  • Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon (Ana Lily Amirpour – EEUU)

Venice Film Festival 2021 (02)

SYNOPSIS: “A girl, who possesses strange and dangerous abilities, escapes from the center for the mentally ill in which she has lived all her life, and tries to integrate into the world.” (FILMAFFINITY)

In addition to being known for the series The Twilight Zone O Castle Rock, Ana Lily Amirpour sealed his legacy in the cinema with the film A girl comes home alone at night of the most risky and representative filmed in the last decade for the Independent Cinema USA.

  • Spencer (Pablo Larraín – Chile)

Venice Film Festival 2021 (03)

SYNOPSIS: “Biopic of Lady Di that tells the story of a crucial weekend in the early 90s, when Princess Diana – named Diana Frances Spencer – decided that her marriage to Prince Charles was not working, and that she needed deviating from a path that had put her in the front row to one day be queen… The drama takes place over three days, on one of her last Christmas holidays at the House of Windsor on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England ”. (FILMAFFINITY)

The always demanding, provocative and excellent Pablo Larraín returns with a biopic of Lady Di starring Kristen Stewart. If the movie sells itself. On one side, the director of Ema, Jackie O The club; to another, the actress of Café Society O Personal Shopper, both together for the Venice Film Festival. Does anyone give more?

  • Sundown (Michel Franco – Mexico)

Venice Film Festival 2021 (04)

SYNOPSIS: “A wealthy Briton tries to abandon his life while on vacation in Acapulco.” (FILMAFFINITY)

The winner of the Grand Jury Prize in the last edition, Michel Franco with New order, come back with Sundown, his new film, about which not much is known yet; But if it is half as provocative and powerful as it is, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • The Card Counter (Paul Schrader – USA)

SYNOPSIS: “William Tell (Oscar Isaac) is a player and former military man who sets out to reform a young man who seeks revenge on an enemy of both in his past. After leaving the army, Tell only thinks about playing cards. His Spartan existence in the casinos is turned upside down when he is approached by Cirk, a vulnerable and angry young man who seeks help from Tell to execute his plan of revenge against a military colonel. Tell sees an opportunity for redemption through his relationship with Cirk. ” (FILMAFFINITY)

Although the veteran Paul Schrader has not had the best 21st century, well except The priest He has not signed any other film that stands out, his experience and filmography make us look at The Card Counter at the Venice Film Festival with little eyes; in addition to the presence of one of the most renowned actors today: Oscar Isaac.

  • The Hand Of God (Paolo Sorrentino – Italy)

Venice Film Festival 2021 (05)

SYNOPSIS: “Set in Naples, a personal story inspired by the youth of the director, Paolo Sorrentino”. (FILMAFFINITY)

Paolo Sorrentino, another who needs no introduction. The Consequences of Love, The Great Beauty, Youth, Parrot, Silvio … I follow? Oh yeah, one of the best and most amazing series of the last decade and probably in all of history: The Young Pope. It can be said without any fear: we are facing one of the best European directors and of history, a director and writer who manages to articulate sequences on camera that others dream of one day being able to match. Now, stop looking at others to look at yourself. The one that comes to us …

  • The Power of the Dog (Jane Campion – England)

Venice Film Festival 2021 (06)

SYNOPSIS: “Wealthy brothers Phil (Cumberbatch) and George Burbank (Plemons) are two sides of the same coin. Phil is graceful, cool, and cruel, while George is impassive, fussy, and kind. Together they are co-owners of the largest ranch in the Montana Valley. It is a place where men remain men, the rapid modernization of the 20th century continues, and where the figure of Bronco Henry, the greatest cowbow Phil has ever known, is revered. When George secretly marries a village widow, Rose (Dunst), Phil, shocked and furious, wagers a relentless sadistic war to destroy her completely using his effeminate son, Peter, as a pawn. ” (FILMAFFINITY)

Jane Campion, another director who has been giving us good cinema for decades, premieres the Western The Power of the Dog on Netflix and goes to Venice. Sounds good. In addition, it comes from captaining Top Of The Lake, is your great moment to dazzle.