Let’s be zen! Five places to recharge your batteries … and meditate

MORNING LIST Invitation to go very close, a little further or very far, Go and meditate Hugues Demeude, Manon Liduena and Marie-Emilie Michel, offers 67 destinations conducive to healing: heritage sites, spiritual buildings or simple landscapes, to withdraw from the world. As in Tibet at La Boulaye The Tibetan Buddhist temple of La Boulaye, in … Read more

From zoom to zen: learn to disconnect working from home – Marie Claire Magazine

+ “What we are living now is not a home office. We are confined at home with work”, defines psychoanalyst Vera Iaconelli. The sentence is the beginning of the answer to the question about how much we are being affected by distance work. And also a warning so that, before measuring the damage, people understand … Read more