The girl from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, a life worthy of a Goya | Culture

Rubina Ali. Rubina Ali, the charismatic Indian girl with big eyes who picked up the Oscar in 2008 for the film Slumdog Millionaire, by Danny Boyle, will be very attentive to what happens in the Príncipe Felipe auditorium on February 9. The Red carpet, a short film about his life in the shantytown of Garib … Read more

After No Time To Die, Daniel Craig Is Getting An Honor Worthy Of 007

It’s that time of year again, when Queen Elizabeth II bestows her New Year’s Honours to a slate of notable persons she deems worthy. Surprisingly enough, after No Time To Die, Daniel Craig is getting an honor worthy of 007. But what’s even more impressive is another beloved entertainment figure in the UK is also … Read more

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds live a romance worthy of a romantic movie

If not get to know the Lively-Reynolds relationship in depthLet me bring you up to speed: The two met in 2010 while filming the celebrated movie Green LanternThey then began dating in 2011 and got married in 2012. The protagonist of Gossip Girl and the star of Deadpool They are the parents of three girls … Read more

Magistrates and clerks demonstrate to demand “worthy” means

Demonstration by magistrates, lawyers and trade union organizations of justice workers in front of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, in Paris, on December 15, 2021. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP After shouting their suffering in a tribune at the World which had the effect of an explosion, magistrates and clerks called for a strike, … Read more

Between Merkel and Scholz, a transfer of power worthy of a “solid democracy”

German Exchancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Scholz in the Chancellery on December 8, 2021. JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP “Mr. Chancellor, dear Olaf Scholz …” It is 3 p.m. on Wednesday December 8 when Angela Merkel says these few words. The tone is so natural and so devoid of emphasis that you think you … Read more

Daniel Craig closes his Bond stage with a watch worthy of 007

Next week hits theaters No time to die, the latest chapter in the franchise of James Bond con Daniel Craig. But the movie’s title raises more questions than answers. For example, how can our hero know if it is time to die or not? Well, there can only be one solution: a great watch. The … Read more

Criticism of The Good Patron, the best Spanish film so far this year and a worthy representative at the Oscars

Criticism of The Good Pattern, the new film written and directed by Fernando León de Aranoa that will represent Spain in the next edition of the Oscars. Fernando Leon de Aranoa He is one of those filmmakers to celebrate: not only is he a brilliant and keen screenwriter, but he is also a solid actor … Read more

4 definitive keys by which ‘New Amsterdam’ can be the worthy replacement of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The fiction starring Ryan Eggold has become one of the most watched medical titles since its premiere on Netflix. New Amsterdam, the new medical series of the moment, has arrived on television as a breath of fresh air within the genre. Are you one of those who has recently become hooked on fiction since Netflix … Read more