Will Smith Didn’t Sleep With Many Women Because He Hated the image of Black Men Sleeping Around

Will Smith was well aware that being a box office superstar and celebrity gave him a lot of sex appeal to his fans. The Oscar-winner acknowledged that many women probably would’ve wanted to attempt to seduce the star. But Smith made it a point not to sleep around as other celebrities might have. This was … Read more

Angelina Jolie lauds passage of Violence Against Women Act, says ‘We need to do more’

Actress and UN special envoy for refugees Angelina Jolie told NBC News on Wednesday that the updated Violence Against Women Act that just became law was “a long time coming” — and “personal.” “It is personal to everyone,” said Jolie, who has been advocating for a revamped version of the law for years. “Everyone who … Read more

Jessica Alba wears the ideal jeans for petite women

Jessica Alba She is not one of those celebrities with glamorous or super elegant airs, quite the opposite. She likes to wear blazers, skirts, boho dresses and jeans. Today he shows us those jeans perfect for short women. Jessica Alba shows us that with three jeans we can gain a few centimeters visually. Let’s analyze … Read more

madan mitra: One and a half thousand women are sending pictures every day to work on Madan’s biopic! Najehal director – madan mitra biopic rajoshree de shares unknown fact

Highlights It was heard from the beginning that director Rajarshi De is going to make a biopic with Madan Mitra. Madan Mitra means a colorful character At least one and a half thousand women a day send pictures of Madan Mitra biopics This time the digital desk:Starting from Madan Mitra Bangla political stage, Facebook Live … Read more

The secrets of Kate Middleton and other women of the British royal family for radiant and healthy skin

The healthy skin of members of the British royal family such as Duchess Kate and Countess Sophie of Wessex is proverbial. The ladies are among the most photographed people in the world, and they always have to ensure a flawless complexion. dr Anna Hemming was an Aesthetic Doctor and General Practitioner at Buckingham Palace between … Read more

Nneka Ogwumike, Chiney Ogwumike, Elizabeth Williams still hope to play for Nigeria in future

Nneka Ogwumike, Chiney Ogwumike and Elizabeth Williams were denied the opportunity to play for Nigeria women’s basketball at the Tokyo Games, but all three say they haven’t given up their dream of playing for the team in the future. The three WNBA stars, who each have dual citizenship in the United States and Nigeria, would’ve … Read more

Eliza Scanlen: ‘Before I did Little Women, I was still quite afraid’ | Movies

By the age of 20, Eliza Scanlen had already played a full American anthology of roles, from dark and depraved (Amy Adams’s rollerskating, psychopathic kid sister on HBO’s Sharp Objects), to sinister (Mayella, who falsely accuses a black man of rape, in Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway staging of To Kill A Mockingbird) to literary heroine (Beth, … Read more

‘Eternals’ Star Salma Hayek Emotionally Described How the Movie is Creating a ‘New Era’ for ‘Middle-Aged Women’

Eternals received mixed reviews from fans and critics, thanks to its uniqueness compared to other Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The movie featured a diverse ensemble cast of 10 new characters, including the MCU’s first gay superhero on the big screen. Salma Hayek, who played one of the Eternals, spoke about what it meant to play … Read more