US will no longer issue Astronaut Wings for commercial space travel: Here’s why

Access to space has become much easier in recent times with Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX working to provide non-astronauts with space flights. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday said it would no longer issue Commercial Space Astronaut Wings, instead recognising on its website individuals that reach space. Astronaut wings are pins … Read more

FAA Says No More Astronaut Wings For Commercial Space Travelers Because There Are Too Many

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it will no longer award commercial astronaut wings after this year because there are too many people launching into space. The wings will be replaced with an online registry instead, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News. This does not affect NASA’s astronauts getting their wings, because they will still … Read more

FAA ends Commercial Space Astronaut Wings program

The SpaceX Inspiration4 mission comes to a close with a splashdown off the Florida coast on Sept. 18. The mission saw four civilian astronauts orbit the Earth nearly 50 times. All four received Commercial Space Astronaut Wings. Inspiration4 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Star Trek actor William Shatner, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and aeronautics pioneer … Read more

FAA to retire astronaut wings program as commercial space tourism race ramps up

Fox News’ Kat Timpf reacts to the astronaut allegedly damaging an aircraft after a breakup on ‘Kennedy.’ The Federal Aviation Administration will retire its astronaut wings program as the commercial human spaceflight industry is expected to dramatically expand in the coming years. BLUE ORIGIN FLIGHT: WHAT TO KNOW, HOW TO WATCH The Commercial Space Astronaut … Read more

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith’s incredible baby stroller has gold wings – and you won’t believe its price tag

July 14, 2021 – 13:42 BST Brandi Fowler Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith stepped out for the first time in NYC with their daughter in January and pushed her in a gold-winged Jeremy Scott stroller you need to see. Joshua Jackson appeared on Today on Wednesday morning, and it reminded us of the … Read more

SpaceX Gives Astronaut Wings to Its Inspiration4 Crew; Can You Guess What FAA Said?

Four crew individuals of its Inspiration4 mission obtained their astronaut wings from SpaceX. But it can also no longer be sufficient to earn them their authentic commercial astronaut wings from the federal government. Federal Aviation Administration said astronaut wings do not have any significance beyond their symbolic value. However, they are shortly turning into the … Read more

SpaceX’s first orbital-class Starship stretches ‘wings’ ahead of Raptor installation

SpaceX’s first orbital-class Starship prototype was spotted stretching its ‘wings’ on Sunday after completing a successful cryogenic proof test late last week. While minor relative to almost any other testing milestone, the small step still serves as a reminder that the end goal of Ship 20’s test campaign is a launch on Super Heavy to … Read more

SpaceX’s private Inspiration4 crew gets their astronaut wings

The four private space travelers who soared into orbit on SpaceX’s historic Inspiration4  mission last month officially have their astronaut wings. The civilian crew, which rode a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft into orbit on Sept. 15 and returned to Earth three days later, received their astronaut wings from the company on Friday (Oct. 1) in a … Read more

SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 crew is in orbit, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get astronaut wings

John Kraus/Inspiration4 By Kristin Fisher, CNN Business The four people currently in orbit on SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 mission will fly higher than the International Space Station, but that still may not be enough to earn them their official commercial astronaut wings from the federal government. Astronaut wings don’t have any significance beyond their symbolic value, … Read more