‘The Lion King’: Chiwetel Ejiofor on Scar’s controversial design: “Every decision can only be understood by watching the movie”

‘The Lion King’ is ready for the public’s eyes. Disney’s new “live action” movie (with highly justified quotes) will have its first screenings on Thursday 18 of this month and we have had the opportunity to speak with one of its protagonists on the occasion of the film’s premiere. Chiwetel Ejiofor has answered our questions … Read more

Criticism: Review of “The Tragedy of Macbeth” (“The Tragedy of Macbeth”), by Joel Coen, with Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand (Apple TV +)

As part of the fruitful agreement between the production company A24 and Apple, it premiered at the opening of the New York Festival and the umpteenth and at the same time unique transposition that Joel Coen – already without his brother Ethan- concretized from the classic work of William Shakespeare. Macbeth’s tragedy (The Tragedy of … Read more

From Kristen Stewart to Penelope Cruz, the favorites for the best actress award

Related news Frances McDormand entered the history books last April upon receiving her third Oscar for Best Leading Actress thanks to Nomadland, a milestone only surpassed in a century by Katharine Hepburn and her four gilded statuettes. Hollywood’s most rebellious star will be back in awards season thanks to a new version of Macbeth. However, … Read more

Beta, Delta and now Omikron: What is behind Corona Escape variants

In the course of the newly appeared Omikron variant, the words “Immunescape” or “Escape variant” keep coming up. What is behind it and what is the danger? In principle, mutations occur regularly in viruses. That too Coronavirus has mutated a thousand times. Each time a new variant is created. We already know Alpha, Beta, Gamma, … Read more

Sandra Bullock talks about what it was like to be without clothes with Ryan Reynolds in ‘The Proposal’

United States.- Sandra Bullock He recently mentioned one of the favorite romantic movies of many: The Proposal. In fact, she remembered the scene without clothes that she had with Ryan Reynolds. Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our Google News page The scene is very funny, because Margaret slips … Read more

Reviews: Review of “Belfast” by Kenneth Branagh

The celebrated actor does not appear this time on the screen, but he is responsible for the script and direction of this autobiographical film set in the convulsed Northern Ireland of 1969. The premiere in theaters in Argentina is announced for March 10 next. Belfast (UK / 2021). Script and direction: Kenneth Branagh. Cast: Jude … Read more

Mickey Rourke shoots Robert de Niro

Follow the conflict that faces the iconic American actors, now with harsh statements. By Sebastian medina 21/07/2020 – 12:21 pm CLT Comments 21/07/2020 – 12:21 pm CLT Mickey Rourke met Robert De Niro in 1987, when it all started. Mickey Rourke drew the heavy artillery to launch against Robert de Niro, by means of a … Read more

Movie legend Kirk Douglas dies at 103 | TODAY | DW

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas died this Wednesday (02/05/2020) at the age of 103, his family reported in a statement published by the US media. “With tremendous sadness, my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103,” said one of his sons, fellow actor Michael Douglas, in a note … Read more

Macaulay Culkin: how much money you have and what you spend it on

However, while he acknowledges that huge amounts of money have been spent (and are spent) figuring out what makes him happy, currently maintains his “soul in shape”. Nothing to do with the past, when he found an escape from the pressure he suffered as a child spending his fortune on whims such as a set … Read more

10 Emma Watson movies you didn’t remember

He was subdued/Getty Image In 2001, Emma Watson made her film debut in the first film of one of the most successful franchises in cinema: Harry Potter. The young actress played the intelligent and brave Hermione Granger for 8 films. However, the British actress has managed to demonstrate in other productions her great talent beyond … Read more