With WhatsApp, this NGO wants to encourage people to vote in the presidential election

Capture WhatsAppScreenshot of the “chatbot” launched by WhatsApp and “Voted” POLICY – How can we get those who leave the voting booth to (re) come to the polls? This is the question posed, in the form of a challenge, by the NGO “Voted”. This “apartisan for the defense of civil rights” association, in the words … Read more

Swiss army bans WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram and chooses local messaging

The recommendation to use Threema messaging applies to all members of the Swiss Army, including conscripts who are coming for the first time to do their military service. ALESSANDRO DELLA VALLE / AP The Swiss army has banned WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram messaging during service operations, preferring a Swiss messaging system, an army spokesman announced … Read more

WhatsApp | List of cell phones that will be left without the app | January 1, 2022 | Applications | Smartphone | nnda | nnni | DATA

WhatsApp It is one of the applications that many will use at the holidays for the end of the year 2021; However, several of the world’s cell phones will be left without the app as it will stop working as of January 1, 2022. What are the mobile devices that must be prepared for this … Read more

Congratulations to send by WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year 2022

We help you to be creative on these important dates by collecting some congratulations to send by WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve 2021 and New Year 2022. After having celebrated Christmas Eve, the New Years Eve 2021, event in which we say goodbye to a year that has not been as good … Read more

5 ways to sell more through WhatsApp messages

How to convince that customer who does not respond or who left the closing of the proposal halfway through? How to make that person who chose bank slip finally make the payment? In summary: how to talk on WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or any other direct message format in an irresistible way for your audience? There … Read more

Network monitoring: EU wants the criminal scanner on every smartphone

AWhen Apple published a plan in August to take action against images of child abuse on its devices, the company apparently expected little resistance. At first glance, the concern of the group appeared to be a good thing: The Apple developers wanted to prevent the dissemination of images and videos showing child abuse – but … Read more

Whatsapp: new features! THAT everything is now possible in Messenger

Whatsapp has new features! THAT everything has recently been possible in Messenger This is WhatsApp This is WhatsApp We take a look at Germany’s most popular instant messenger: WhatsApp. show description Whatsapp has had new features in the program for a few weeks that you may have missed. Because the messenger service Whatsapp introduced four … Read more

Gas, Waze, WhatsApp, terraces … What changes on November 1st

Capelle.r via Getty ImagesGas prices are frozen until the end of 2022. Illustrative image DAILY LIFE – It’s like a ritornello: November 1 once again brings its share of novelties which affect (for good or for bad) the daily life of the French. Snow tires mandatory in the mountains, start of the winter break, end … Read more