Spain’s game, ‘La voz kids’ and ‘Viajeros Cuatro’, on today’s grid

Aymeric Laporte in a match for Spain in the Eurocup. Joaquin Corchero / AFP7 / Europa Press The Spanish team will experience a new decisive afternoon in the Eurocup 2020. After the comeback against Croatia in extra time, Spain will face Switzerland this afternoon (6:00 pm) in the quarterfinals of the European competition, a match … Read more

Why a stutterer can sing, like Francisco did in La Voz

The stuttering is a communication disorder that affects 70 million people in the world. And it doesn’t have a single causative effect. Both genetic factors and environmental factors act: anxiety, stress, shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc. People who stutter suffer from problems when speaking as they produce repetitions, prolongations and even voice blocks when they … Read more