nusrat jahn: Nusrat is copying Yash! Nusrat jahan and yash dasgupta post viral on internet

Highlights From friendship to love-relationship then they have done this whole journey of becoming parents in twenty one Not only that, Yash-Nusrat is handling the guardianship of little Ishan very well But this time Yash’s fans fired at Nusrat This time the digital desk: Among the hot and happening couples in Tolipara are Yash Dasgupta … Read more

Viral post gets facts wrong on NASA-funded study

The claim: NASA just hired 24 theologians to assess how the world would react to discovery of extraterrestrial life The prospect of discovering extraterrestrial life may feel like science fiction to many but not for NASA. In 2015, the agency and the John Templeton Foundation awarded a grant for a research project at the Center of Theological Inquiry on … Read more

The most viral photo of Chris Hemsworth: eye to his hair

James D. MorganGetty Images The photo of Chris Hemsworth that has gone viral: long red hair, and very young It belongs to one of his earliest Australian television roles Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth risk their health: the error in the transformations of Batman and Thor Chris Hemsworth’s 5 Favorite Shakes Look, we’ve seen vintage … Read more

Viral story: As in Avatar: they discover caverns in Brazil created by giant sloths | Trend | nnda nnrt | STORIES

In Brazil The discovery of prehistoric underground tunnels, created by giant sloths, has caused astonishment. These caves are similar to those made by the badger moles from Avatar, the famous animated series. Know the details of this history. The tunnels can be up to 2,000 feet long and over six feet high, according to the … Read more

How you can score a ticket to space, expert explains

article The world is entering a new era in the field of space travel. Like the Golden Age of Flight, there is now the Golden Age of Commercial Space Travel, which resembles the early days of the booming aviation industry, when only the wealthy and a select few others got a taste of air travel. … Read more

Bruno Ganz, the actor who played Hitler in “Downfall,” has passed away. Famous for his viral memes

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, remembered for his controversial film roles, such as that of Adolf Hitler In the German film “Downfall” (“The fall”) in 2004, he died this Saturday at the age of 77 in his native Zurich, according to his agent. Last year, the actor was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, for which he had … Read more

Lily Collins, sensational with Zara’s most viral vest

Dominique charriauGetty Images Lily Jane Collins, better known as Lily Collins, in recent years has become one of the most influential fashion prescribers for society. We could even say that she is one of the actresses of the moment. And although he debuted on the big screen with the movie ‘The Blind Side’ in 2009, … Read more

Viral: Scottish woman gets tattoo of Iko Uwais’ bloodied face, Indonesian netizens say it looks like rapper Young Lex

Indonesian martial arts master Iko Uwais is undoubtedly one of the country’s biggest movie stars. Having starred in several Hollywood movies in recent years, Iko has also gained global recognition as a bonafide action star. Of course, for most people, Iko’s breakthrough into global fame came after he starred in The Raid (2011) and its … Read more

Omicron variant, who is the “zero patient”: the movements between Rome, Caserta and Milan, then the isolation. Asl: “Very low viral load”

The Mozambique, l’Fiumicino airport, Caserta, Milano and then again Fiumicino. These are the geographic coordinates on which the so-called “patient Zero“Italian of the variante Omicron. The man, an Eni professional employee, used to travel around the world for work and vaccinated with two doses, was found positive to Covid just as he was about to … Read more

10 things Tom Holland said about Zendaya and Spider-Man in his viral interview

Ahead of his new movie Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing on December 17, 2021’s GQ Man of The Year, Tom Holland recently talked about his relationship with Zendaya, the movies he’s doing, Spider-Man, burnout and being called the Sick Note. Here is a 12-pointer.  1. Tom Holland said, “Since I got cast as Spider-Man, I haven’t really taken … Read more