Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell and Adrien Brody together in a vintage cop

Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell y Adrien Brody will star in a new police film for the Searchlight Pictures production company, which will take us back to London in the 1950s and with the direction of Tom George (“This Country”) y guion de Mark Chappell (“The Rack Pack”). Information that emerged in the last hours, in … Read more

2021, the vintage of depression

DAVID ADRIEN A what is the quality of a vintage? To the quantity of grapes picked, to the beauty of the bunches? Has the longevity of a wine that no one will have the patience to experience? To the number of stars listed on a wine merchant’s leaflet? This question still torments me. Whichever way … Read more

Slow Drive, itineraries in vintage cars to discover Dante’s places among clues and symbols

Three itineraries in Tuscany to discover the places of Dante, the genius of Leonardo and the streets of the Templars among clues and symbols, even with children, with Slow Drive, a company specializing in the rental of vintage cars without a driver. Tuscany is revealed in a new and fun way aboard legendary vintage cars, … Read more

Wrangler and Billabong unite to mix western and vintage surfing spirits

This July 22, Billabong and Wrangler deliver the first part of an unexpected collaboration. To create the link between the western universe of the American jeans brand and the surf culture of the Australian board label: the idea did not seem obvious. But the two labels boldly assume this merger and sign a consistent proposal … Read more