Google Maps users spooked by perfect circle in mountains sparking ‘UFO landing’ theories

Google Maps users have been spooked by a perfect circle that appeared in some desert mountains, sparking theories that it is a UFO landing site. The image was uploaded to the r/Google Maps forum on Reddit, alongside the caption: “What’s this round thing?” The picture, taken from Google Map’s satellite view, clearly shows a large … Read more

Users lash out at Angelina Jolie for Shiloh Pitt’s style change

Some netizens still do not respect Shiloh Pitt’s style, his comments already generate discontent on social networks! Shiloh Pitt made headlines in different media after she wore different dresses on the promotional tour of Eternals, next to his mother and his brothers. For many years it was announced that the biological daughter of Angelina Jolie … Read more

Apple to sell spare parts to allow users to repair their iPhones themselves

The brand is known to have many restrictions on its equipment and products. A new service, however, will be launched next year in the United States to give customers the opportunity to tinker. Article written by Posted the 11/17/2021 21:54 Reading time : 1 min. Apple will give its users the opportunity to repair their … Read more

Facebook employs 766 Arabic-speaking moderators for 220 million Arabic-speaking users

By Martin Untersinger and Damien Leloup Posted today at 6:29 p.m., updated at 19:21 Reserved for our subscribers Factual“Facebook Files” | The internal documents of the social network reveal figures that Facebook has never wanted to communicate on the number of its moderators. The number of moderators that Facebook employs to moderate the content on … Read more

Internet users let their imagination fly and shared the best MEMES of Miss Venezuela 2021

Lapatilla October 29 2021, 8:21 am 2021 Venezuela Memes Since the presentation of the Miss Venezuela 2021 contest began, Internet users decided to let their imaginations fly on the networks with their comments, opinions, and of course THE MEMES that everyone loves. By Several users commented that the beauty contest has dropped in quality … Read more

American Internet users pin down dead Covid-19 antivaccines

A woman wears an anti-vaccine badge in New York City on October 12, 2021. EDUARDO MUNOZ AVAREZ / AP In July 2020, former U.S. Republican primary candidate Herman Cain died of Covid-19. What many Internet users have remembered, perhaps wrongly, is that Mr. Cain had shown up to Donald Trump’s meeting a few days earlier … Read more

the new presenter Marie Portolano does not convince Internet users

The best pastry chef made its comeback on M6 this Thursday, October 7, 2021. For its tenth anniversary, the gourmet show has reserved a few surprises for viewers from the first episode. Starting with a new host, Marie Portolano. But faced with the performance of the latter, the tweeters did not have the heart to … Read more

Sojern: The US is returning, but the recovery is slow

Sojern, the world leader in digital marketing platforms for tourism, takes stock of travel intentions of users, because “small companies to big brands – explains a note – have only one need for the ascent: to know the demand with infinitesimal precision”. Flight bookings in Italy recorded an increase of 101% in October, while hotel … Read more