Ravonna Renslayer, the judge of “Loki”, revealed unmissable details about the coming season | Chronicle

The success of the saga “Avengers” by Marvel, whose latest movie “Endgame“it had more than nine million viewers in the world, brought with it an endless number of new series and surprising movies as sequels and prequels from the hand of Disney. After “WandaVision” premiered earlier this year, after “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” now … Read more

Unmissable versions of ‘Frankenstein’ taken to the cinema on the 90th anniversary of the first film | Cinema | Entertainment

Some of the adaptations brought to the big screen of the character created by Mary Shelley. El Frankenstein de Mary Shelley (1797-1851) –Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus– is one of the most revolutionary gothic novels ever written, which practically spawned the science fiction genre as the world knows it today. Since the film’s earliest days, … Read more

The invisible thread, an unmissable film, came to Netflix

The invisible thread is the last film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, who dazzled the world of cinema with the premiere of Pleasure games in 1997 and since then he became one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in the United States. His Nearly Impossible Love Story is now available on Netflix. The film follows Reynolds … Read more

The Mitchell family vs the machines: an unmissable gem

Lately animated films lack that particular touch to be remembered through the years, there is no longer so much effort to recreate those sensations that classics generate us as Toy Story o la Ice Age. Fortunately, the incredible The Mitchell family vs the machines, one of the best animation proposals in recent years. Katie is … Read more