Mercedes, VW and Co. in crisis: New registrations at 80s level

DGermany’s automotive market shrank even more than experts expected. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), only 2.62 million new cars were registered in the country from January to December 2021, ten percent less than in the already very weak year 2020. The cause of the slump is cited in the industry as the … Read more

Year ahead: Will space advertising take off in 2022? | Space News

Advertising in outer space might seem like a vulgar idea, but it’s one with a long history. It’s also getting more popular because the cost of going to space is falling. But the side effects, such as light pollution and space debris, might not be worth it. In August, the Canadian company Geometric Energy Corporation … Read more

A handheld space age computer. From shuttles to … film sets

Miniaturization and adaptation – the first “laptop” in space The beginnings of the computerization era (dating back to the 1940s) are inherently associated with large-scale structures like the American ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), the British Colossus and the German Z1-Z3. Three decades later, the dynamically progressing miniaturization and development of components led to … Read more

Olympics, the US and the diplomatic boycott. China ready to react

The announcement of the White House, the reply: “Politics has nothing to do with the Olympics, hypocrisy on the part of the Americans” Full speed ahead: the United States will diplomatically boycott, as feared, the Beijing Winter Games (4-20 February). “A diplomatic or official representation of the United States – White House press secretary Jen … Read more

Rotating “catapult” as a space charge launcher. Prototype test

According to the details already disclosed in November, the seed version of the SpinLaunch propellant structure was tested on October 22 this year. The demonstration, considered a successful one, was to confirm the operation and open a whole series of tests (ultimately as many as thirty trials) of a system that uses centrifugal force to … Read more

NASA mission launch towards the asteroid. An outer space threat defense test

The start took place on November 23 this year. at 22:21 local time (7:21 in Poland, CEST), from the SLC-4E launch stand at the US Space Force Vanderberg base. The carrier rocket was the two-stage Falcon 9 by SpaceX. The payload of the mission was an unusual piece of equipment – the DART, which is … Read more

United States: car driver driving into crowd at Christmas parade charged with 5 homicides

DRAMA – An SUV crashed into a crowd gathered for a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A police report shows 5 dead and forty wounded. The driver was charged with five homicides. LCI editorial staff – 2021-11-22T20:26:18.872+01:00 A frightful drama in the middle of the Christmas parade. An SUV-type vehicle crashed into a crowd gathered … Read more

Starliner is still far from the decisive test. Another approach in six months?

Boeing now claims that the unmanned flight of the CST-100 Starliner capsule will not be possible until May 2022. This is due to a problem with 13 (out of 24) fuel valves in the vehicle’s service module. These mechanisms stopped functioning properly after they were heavily corroded under the influence of nitric acid (released from … Read more

NASA showed the first images from the Landsat 9 satellite

The American space agency NASA announced that it had received the first photos from the Earth observation satellite – Landsat 9, just over a month after its launch, which took place on September 27 this year. This object is part of the satellite system developed for decades, continued thanks to the cooperation of NASA with … Read more

They attack Tata Martino asking for his resignation in the stadium tunnel after a loss to the USA.

CINCINNATI – Gerardo Martino suffered a further humiliation when he left the press conference room. A humiliation greater than the third mockery of Gregg Berhalter and the United States in five months. Superior to the team shadowing he presented in Cincinnati. Superior to the reproach of the Mexicans when they see the “dousacerou” resurface powerfully. … Read more