In a few dozen minutes to the “edge” of the world. The US Space Force is counting on suborbital cargo

The US Space Force has announced the aforementioned competition for offers under the Hyperspace Challenge 2021 program. As the announcement shows, innovative concepts for the use of space capabilities that can be adapted to the needs of the US space forces are being sought. For the next stage (it is to take place on December … Read more

The Pentagon’s Appetite for Commercial Nuclear Propulsion for Satellites. Concept call

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) cell, which is subordinate to the US Department of Defense, ran in September this year. a procedure which could be used to submit preliminary concepts for a small (up to two tonnes) nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) for use in space. It is a system that allows the satellites to operate … Read more

US Military Intelligence and the Three Body Problem. How do I track objects closer to the Moon? [ANALIZA]

A vast domain of (hypothetical) space operations Previews of the next version of the thematic report by DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), originally issued in February 2019 under the title Challenges to Security in Space, appeared on the occasion of this year’s Space Symposium conference, held on August 23-26 in Colorado Springs. Reports of this content … Read more

US media: Pentagon’s “secret space weapon” on the verge of disclosure

According to Breaking Defense reports, the previously unknown American space combat system has been in development for a long time, and its expected declassification is the subject of ongoing discussions among senior representatives of the US Department of Defense. It has been suggested in media reports that the unofficial advocate for the declassification of the … Read more

USA: positive note for the project to load new early warning satellites

The project of the Northrop Grumman Corporation and Ball Aerospace consortium assuming the construction of a special sensor for the new satellite ballistic missile launch detection system – NG-OPIR has passed through the assessment stage made by the client, i.e. the US Space Force. At this point, it is worth bearing in mind that the … Read more

Microsoft loses controversial Pentagon contract

Microsoft has lost a controversial ten billion dollar order from the US Department of Defense. The Pentagon announced that it would cancel the contract awarded in October 2019 and put it out to tender again. The business that was called “Jedi” (“Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure”) was about cloud computing. The award of the contract was … Read more

88 satellites in one throw – including ICEYE objects. Transporter-2 mission launch

The considered launch of Falcon 9 took place on June 30 this year. at 15:31 local time (21:31 CEST) from the LC-40 launcher, part of the Cape Canaveral space launch facility in Florida. Firing up was delayed by one day – the earlier take-off attempt was interrupted when a private helicopter entered the restricted airspace … Read more