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It’s somewhat ironic that Joaquin Phoenix finally won an Academy Award for playing a Batman villain, because the former child star has pretty much avoided mainstream material for the majority of his career. Phoenix is one of the greatest actors of his generation, and his fascinating public persona generates more hype for each upcoming performance. … Read more

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Before The Matrix blew everyone away with a single karate kick, sci-fi authors like William Gibson imagined similarly dark futures where technology and authoritarianism reign supreme. It’s important to note that Gibson was not the inventor of the cyberpunk subgenre — Gibson himself claims influence from the likes of Samuel R. Delany — but he … Read more

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There are few figures in Hollywood who’ve experienced the incredible highs and lows of Ben Affleck. There isn’t another actor working today whose career has included writing, directing, Oscars, Emmys, and Batman within a twenty-year stretch, and a string of tabloid stories have kept Affleck’s name frequently in the news. One of the breakout heartthrobs … Read more

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