Flying hypercar for inner city travel completes test flight in Dubai

A futuristic flying ‘hypercar’ designed for inner city travel that could reach speeds of 135 miles per hour at 3,000 feet has completed a successful test flight in Dubai. London-based startup Bellwether Industries completed its test flight of the fully-electric Volar eVTOL prototype in November, but has only today revealed footage of the test. The futuristic … Read more

The battle for Uber ‘will arrive on February 28 at Movistar +

One of the most anticipated series for this year 2022 is Super Pumped: The Battle by Uber Y Movistar + has just announced that it can be seen from February 28. The new SHOWTIME® series dives into the beginnings of this world-renowned transportation company and will star well-known actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kyle Chandler and Uma … Read more

Car crashes into tram: New Uber crash at the main train station

Blue light blog Car crashes into tram: New Uber crash at the main train station 25.10.2021, 07:02 | Reading time: 4 minutes A vehicle from Uber collided with a tram at Berlin Central Station. Photo: Morris Pudwell In our blog you will find the latest reports from the police and fire brigade in Berlin and … Read more

United States | Florida | USA: Sexually assaulted woman leaves with her “savior” and suffers another rape | NNDC | WORLD

A woman who suffered a sexual assault on a street south of Florida (USA) was saved by a subject who was driving his car near the place. But, shortly after this man abused her in another part of the city. SIGHT: USA: The FBI confirms that the body found in Wyoming matches the description of … Read more

Uber Eats is the new partner that looks to the future, technology and young people

The Rome is dedicated to delivery food, in the ambitious goal of linking sport, technology and food. As Roma has just announced the new partnership with Uber Eats, the famous food delivery application, present in Italy since 2016 and operating in over 50 Italian cities. Read also> Italy-Lithuania 5-0: goal for the Azzurri, Qatar is … Read more

Proactive news headlines including Uber, SpaceX, Golden Tag

New York , Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Proactive, provider of real-time news and video interviews on growth companies listed in the US and Canada, has covered the following companies: Elon Musk says SpaceX has shipped 100,000 Starlink terminals click here Chinese Uber rival Didi suspends UK and Europe launch plans – report click here Golden … Read more

Aussie space tech company Orbit Industries has plans to become the ‘Uber of space’

The space industry is benefiting our everyday lives perhaps more than we realise. The technology underpins a lot of our daily conveniences such as internet access including 5G, online banking, GPS, and even our trusted weather forecast. At the industrial and governmental level, space technology also helps our farmers to monitor their crops, and emergency … Read more