The guarantor of fishing quotas condemned for illegal fishing of bluefin tuna

Fishing port of La Cotinière de Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron (Charente-Maritime). DANIÈLE SCHNEIDER / PHOTONONSTOP / DANIÈLE SCHNEIDER / PHOTONONSTOP He would have done better to come home empty-handed. On October 17, 2020, Eric Renaud is preparing to return with two friends from a sea bass fishing trip that did not give anything, off the island of Oléron. … Read more

Fishermen have never seen so many dolphins, killer whales, whales and 200 kg tuna on our coast

© National Maritime Authority/DR ByNuno Guedes July 29, 2021 • 7:34 am Portuguese fishermen say they have never seen so many dolphins, killer whales, large tuna and whales in Portuguese waters. The increase has been steady over the past three years and is becoming more noticeable in 2021. Humberto Jorge, president of the National Association … Read more