a prevention spot against transphobia

Benjamin (Noémie Merlant) and Aude (Soko), in “A Good Man”, by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar. PYRAMID FILMS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – WHY NOT For several years, many fictions and documentaries have been devoted to transidentity, obeying, at worst, a fad, at best, an imperative need to inform a public often ignorant of the trans reality. … Read more

London’s Trafalgar Square will host statues denouncing colonialism and transphobia

The anti-colonialist sculpture “Antelope”, by Malawian artist Samson Kambalu. JAMES O JENKINS / AFP Six contemporary artists were in the running to exhibit their work in Trafalgar Square, London. At the end of a vote open to all, an anti-colonialist statue and casts denouncing the transphobic murders were withheld, announced Monday, July 5, the town … Read more