Temple of contemporary art, the Palais de Tokyo celebrates its 20th anniversary while regretting the brilliance of its beginnings

By Roxana Azimi Posted today at 2:42 p.m., updated at 3:19 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers storyOn January 21, 2002, a contemporary art center was inaugurated in the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris. Twenty years later, the pandemic has called into question a once-winning model, based on space rental and sponsorship. The Palais de Tokyo, … Read more

Booking.com gives tips on destinations for solo travel

PANROTAS / Rene Castro Thailand is one of the destinations on the list According to research from Booking.com, solo travel is a trend that is gaining traction. Platform data before the pandemic showed that only 25% of Brazilian travelers planned to travel alone, and now, 39% of them say they plan to go solo in … Read more

Sung Kang loves that Christopher Nolan has a “soft spot” for Tokyo Drift

For many, he is the man who bathes high-budget films in art. This is how acclaimed productions like Interstellar, The origin and the trilogy of The Dark Knight. However, if they believed that your ambition and perfectionism keep you from blockbusters mere pigeons, they were very wrong! Occasionally, Christopher Nolan not only did he speak … Read more

Toyota double, the concept of a GT3 and an extreme Yaris are on the way

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, the Japanese manufacturer is presenting the concept of an unprecedented car developed for curbs that falls into the GT3 category, the main international one for track racing. Also in the spotlight is a GR Yaris, the result of extreme processing An absolute novelty in the range of sports cars … Read more

The Fast And The Furious: When Sung Kang Accidentally Crashed A Car During The Tokyo Drift Filming | Fast and Furious nnda nnlt | FAME

Since the first movie of “Fast and furious” In 2001, the saga has introduced us to a large number of characters that have won the hearts of the public, one of them is Han Lue, played by actor Sung Kang. He first appeared in “Tokio Drift” and was later included in the original “Fast and … Read more

Asteroid samples brought back by Hayabusa2 on display at Tokyo museum

A black particle collected during the space probe Hayabusa2’s first landing on the asteroid Ryugu, which is now on public display at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo’s Koto Ward, is seen in this photo provided by the museum. TOKYO — The samples from the asteroid Ryugu brought back to Earth … Read more

Tokyo Olympics 2021: The Jackie Chan impersonator who dreams of a gold in Tokyo

Adriana Cerezo. At just 17 years old, taekwondo Adriana Cerezo is one of the youngest members of the Olympic team but she does not lack ambition Everything in Adriana Cerezo (Madrid, 2003) exudes power and optimism. It is a whirlwind capable of winning the European Championship and getting a 13 in the selectivity almost at … Read more

Japan: waves of pumice stones break on the coastline near Tokyo

Last October, this Japanese artist ventured into a veritable sea of ​​stones, filming the invasion of tens of thousands of pumice stones on the coasts of Okinawa. Very porous and of low density, which allows them to float on the surface of the water, they are the consequence of the eruption, on August 13, of … Read more

Fast and furious: the car accident suffered by Sung Kang while filming Tokyo Drift | Fast and Furious nnda nnlt | CHEKA

The first movie of “Fast and furious” It was released in 2001 and since then a large number of characters have paraded throughout the saga that have won the hearts of the public, one of them is Han Lue, played by actor Sung Kang. He first appeared in “Tokio Drift” and was later included in … Read more

The coastline near Tokyo threatened by vast sheets of pumice stones

Pumice stones float on the coast of Okinawa, Japan on October 29, 2021. Photo from a video posted on social media. TWITTER @ GAJUMARUMAN24 / VIA REUTERS The announced arrival of large quantities of pumice stone on the coast near Tokyo raises concerns for its ecological and economic consequences. According to forecasts released Tuesday, November … Read more