China’s Tianwen-1 Spacecraft Took a Selfie Using a Tiny, Secondary Spacecraft

Remember how China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft released a remote camera to take a picture of itself during its flight to Mars, back in late 2020? Now in Mars orbit, Tianwen-1 has done it again, releasing another mini remote camera. Except this time, the planet Mars is part of the view. The images are stunning. The China … Read more

Guiding Tianwen-1 to China’s first successful Mars rover landing

Main components of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft. Credit: Beijing Institute of Technology Press Co., Ltd Mars landing missions only succeed about half the time, a rate largely determined by the entry, descent and landing (EDL) phase, according to the researchers who designed Tianwen-1’s control systems.  They published their guidance, navigation and control approach for Tianwen-1 on October … Read more

Tianwen-1 Mars probe enters final mission of global remote sensing

Illustration of the Tianwen-1 orbiter in the remote sensing orbit Photo: CASC China’s first interplanetary probe mission has come to its final stage of global remote-sensing exploration of the Red Planet after the Tianwen-1 orbiter successfully completed its fifth brake and entered a new mission orbit automatically late Monday, according to project insiders on Tuesday. … Read more

China’s Tianwen-1 mission is now orbiting Mars ahead of landing

By Leah Crane An artist’s impression of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft Shutterstock/Axel Monse Mars has another new visitor. The Chinese Tianwen-1 mission has entered orbit around the Red Planet, following the United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter by just one day and preceding the landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover by a week. This is China’s second interplanetary … Read more

China’s Tianwen-1 Mission Enters Orbit Around Mars : NPR

An selfie taken by China’s Tianwen-1, made available by the China National Space Administration, in December. China announced Wednesday that the probe had entered orbit around Mars. China National Space Administration/AP hide caption toggle caption China National Space Administration/AP An selfie taken by China’s Tianwen-1, made available by the China National Space Administration, in December. … Read more

China’s Tianwen-1 lowers its orbit around Mars to prepare for rover landing

China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft has trimmed its orbit around Mars to allow the spacecraft to analyze the chosen landing region on the Red Planet. After the burn, which occurred on Tuesday (Feb. 23), Tianwen-1 is now in position to begin imaging and collecting data on primary and backup landing sites for the mission’s rover, which will … Read more

PolyU contributes to China’s historic Mars mission Tianwen-1 with multidisciplinary research

China landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time in May 2021 in the Tianwen-1 mission, becoming the second country in the world to land and operate a rover on the Red Planet. PolyU researchers played a vital role in the mission, in collaboration with the China Academy of Space Technology. Professor Wu Bo, … Read more

Tianwen-1 landing date, mission goals, where it will land

On July 23, 2020, a small spacecraft with big dreams headed to a planet nearly 300 million miles away. For its first interplanetary mission, the China National Space Administration (CNAS) aimed a lander at Mars. Tianwen-1 successfully entered Martian orbit in February 2021. As soon as May, the rover will head toward Mars. So far, … Read more